An Irish Athlete on Organizing a Sports Boycott of Israel

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The Ireland team stand by their bench as the Israel team stand on the court as the teams stand for their national anthems before the FIBA Women’s EuroBasket Championship Qualifier match between Israel and Ireland at the Rimi Olympic Centre in Riga, Latvia.  (Oksana Dzadan / Sportsfile via Getty Images)

On this episode of Edge of Sports, Rebecca O’Keeffe talks about her team’s boycott of its match against Israel.

Edge of Sports ยท Irish athlete activist on organizing a sports boycott of Israel

Rebecca O’Keeffe helped spark an international firestorm within the world of sports when she called on the Ireland women’s national basketball team to boycott its February 8 match against Israel. While O’Keeffe’s calls for a boycott ultimately went unheeded, her actions have provoked serious debate within Ireland and internationally on the responsibility of athletes to stand up against genocide.

O’Keeffe joins Edge of Sports for an exclusive interview on why she took a stand, how the sports world responded, and why she refuses to back down.

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