What's My Name, Fool!

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"Dave Zirin's 'What's My Name, Fool?' is the opening shot in our battle to reclaim sports." —Jim Bouton, former NY Yankee and author of Ball Four

"Beautifully illustrates the connection between sports, struggle, politics, and resistance." —Chuck D; Public Enemy

"Dave Zirin is an angry young man, and he's not bashful about telling you why -- no quarter asked, no holds barred. In his new book, What's My Name, Fool?, he calls out the many inequities he sees on the level playing fields. It's good to read such an impassioned critic taking sport to task in a manner we haven't heard in some time." —Frank Deford

"Out from the greed, myths, freeloading, cover-ups, censorships, and gouging of big time commercial sports comes the clear voice, honest pen and vigilant eyes of David Zirin. Put this book down only to pray, eat and sleep." -Ralph Nader

"I am a baseball fan, and I love this book. It is so refreshing to have a sports writer who writes with such verve and intelligence, who also has a social conscience,and who refuses to keep those parts of his life separate. This is a rare contribution to social history, something I have been looking for, a sports history which understands how the issues of race and class are inextricable from the world of sports." —Howard Zinn, third baseman, switch hitter.

"The sports industry has long needed an alternative voice, someone to rage away at issues of money, race, and celebrity. Dave Zirin is that voice. He's right about some things. He's wrong about some things. But on every issue, he writes with attitude, with edge, and with humor. What's My Name Fool is must reading." —Lester Munson, Sports Illustrated

"Dave Zirin is that rarest of commodities in sports writing: an original voice. His writing reveals the ever present but ignored bridge between sports and struggle. What's My Name, Fool? will be loved by both Athletes who hate politics and activists who hate sports . As for progressives who are closet sports fans, finally here is a book for you." —Mary Ratcliff, Editor, San Francisco BayView (National Black Newspaper of the Year)

"Dave Zirin's inspiring account of sports nonconformists, from race rebels to antiwar athletes, is a halftime speech for radicals. This book is a left uppercut to the solar plexus of the sports industrial complex." —Andrew Hsiao, former sports editor, The Village Voice, and senior editor, The New Press

"Dave Zirin is America's best sportswriter." —Lee Ballinger, Associate Editor of Rock and Rap Confidential

"FOR EVERYONE who cheered Ali’s stinging jab and right cross to U.S. imperialism’s chin, for everyone who loved basketball player Etan Thomas’s speech denouncing the Bush administration at the September 24 antiwar demonstration, for everyone who shudders at the stupidities of the sports industry and yet still enjoys playing and watching sports, Dave Zirin’s What’s My Name, Fool? is the book for you. It’s a knockout!" —Ashley Smith; Socialist Worker Newspaper

Zirin explores how Janet Jackson's Super Bowl flash-time show exposed more than a breast, why the labor movement has everything to learn from sports unions and why a new generation of athletes is no longer content to "play one game at a time" and is starting to get political.

What's My Name, Fool! draws on original interviews with former heavyweight champ George Foreman, Olympian and black power saluter John Carlos, NBA basketball player and anti-death penalty activist Etan Thomas, antiwar women's college hoopster Toni Smith, Olympic Project for Human Rights leader Lee Evans and many others.

Popular sportswriter and commentator Dave Zirin is editor of The Prince George's Post (Maryland) and writes the weekly column "Edge of Sports" (edgeofsports.com). He is a senior writer at basketball.com. Zirin's writing has also appeared in The Source, Common Dreams, College Sporting News, CounterPunch, Alternet, International Socialist Review, Black Sports Network, War Times, San Francisco Bay View and Z Magazine.