Welcome to the Terrordome

"You have to read Dave Zirin to believe him ... and if you read him, you will believe him."  —Jack McCallum, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

Dave Zirin is the best young sportswriter in America because he's the one who understands the x's and o's, can arrange them vividly and show us what they mean in a world spinning out of control.  —Robert Lipsyte

"In sportswriting, attitude is easy. But Dave Zirin's also got razor smarts, rapier wit, and, most of all, a rebel's large heart. After you read this, you'll never see sports the same way again."  —Jeff Chang, author Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation

"Dave Zirin is an incredibly talented and courageous writer, the sort of scribe sorely needed in America in these early days of the twenty-first century. In Welcome to the Terrordome<!--[if !supportLists]-->, no topic is sacred, no argument is ever evaded, no search for truth, real truth, is ever suppressed. That marks, to me, Dave Zirin as a uniquely American writer who understands that freedom of speech, the desire to be free, means nothing if we don't exercise that freedom muscle every single day of our lives."  —Kevin Powell, author of Someday We'll All Be Free

“Welcome to the Terrordome” is both bold and brilliant, funny and fearless, and Dave Zirin may be the most important writer – sports or otherwise – to explode on the scene in many a season.”  —Mary Ratliff, Editor SF Bayview

Dave Zirin is the most provocative observer of the politics of sport In the United States today. Welcome to the Terrordome is his best work to date and should be required reading for sports fans, and those committed to a more just and humane world."  —Robert W. McChesney author, The Problem of the Media

Dave Zirin, author of the sizzling "What's My Name, Fool" has written another book you don't want to miss.  Welcome to the Terrordome probes into the hot topics at the intersection of sports and society as no one else <!--[if !supportLists]-->could.   —<!--[endif]-->Lester Rodney

Energetic, engaging, passionate, optimistic--and angry at all the right things, Dave Zirin has established himself as perhaps the best young sportswriter in the United States today. There's just no  one doing what he does so well: reporting on those many junctures  where sports, politics and the popular culture intersect. He writes with his heart on his sleeve, and his voice is authentic, If you're a sports fan you'll love this book. If you're politically active,  you'll love this book. If you're a politically active sports fan, you've found your bible.  —Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor & Publisher, The Nation

P.S. And Zirin is the only person my 15 year old, basketball   loving, daughter reads on thenation.com  Allen Iverson may be "the Answer," but Dave Zirin is "the TRUTH."

Alarming, compelling, provocative--- opinions that will slap the taste out of your mouth, but insights that will make you hark back to Arsenio and say HMMM! Zirin's critical yet out of the box thinking, when mixed together, goes down smooth like Grandma's kool-aid. From MLB eating their young, to the intertwining of the souls of the NBA and Hip-hop, to grinding with Avery Brundage, to Barry Bonds in pursuit of your Mama! EXPLOSIVE!  —Bobby Ramos, Co-host Sportstalk in Black n' White

Separating sports from the world in which it is a part is like trying toseparate Limburger cheese from the smell. Ain't gonna happen. Not that far too many so-called "serious" sportswriters don't try on a depressingly regular basis. But Dave Zirin ain't going out like that.  His essays never shy away from the often troublesome, provocative social context at the heart of this society (or any endeavor, for that matter), but they are also clearly the work of a man who loves his subjects. Forget all those reactionary, non-committal, beat down beat writers. Let these sublime, perceptive essays in your life.   —Reuben Jackson, poet laureate of the Jazz Journalist Association. Associate Curator, Smithsonian Institution 

Dave Zirin is the conscience of sports in America and this book is like many of the sports stars it chooses to document: courageous, brilliant and not bought out by large corporate gifts. Zirin finds the heroes that no other sports writer sees, he finds the story that no other sports writer dares publish and he breaks down the hi's and lows, what makes sports so irresistible to so many millions, with a searing lens of race, class and humor. Whether you are obsessed with sports, or you're like me and don't know the world series from the super bowl, this book will hit you hard, sucker you in and keep you riveted to the final page... and you might just find the next yankees game a little boring!  —Deepa Fernandes, Host of Wakeup Call, WBAI 99.5fm in NY.

In my opinion, the people who need to read Dave Zirin most are people
Who don't think sports is important at all. Zirin knows it is and he
Continually shows how it fits into the rest of our world. For sports fans with
brains, Zirin simply offers confirmation of every quaking thought we've ever
had. And still loves the games and the players. He's indispensable.  —<!--[endif]-->Dave Marsh; XM Radio

"Dave Zirin makes it safe for progressive sports fans come out of the closet.  For far too long some have derided sports existing as the 'toy department' of life. If only that were so. Dave Zirin makes it clear that in the 21st century, the sporting world is all  reflective of the culture we live in (and die) in.  From Immigration to Iraq,  'roids to racism at the World Cup, this writer will make you care more about the games we all watch and talk about".  —Mitch Perry; WMNF Radio; Tampa, Florida