Muhammad Ali Handbook

"You think you know Ali? Not until you've read Dave Zirin's dynamic, engaging and informative look at one of the most iconic figures of our age. The "Handbook" offers words and images that will take you back to an era of change in America and one of the seminal figures who affected change. Most of all it will remind you just how great was "The Greatest." &emdash;Roy S. Johnson; AOL Black Voices Sports Columnist; former Editor Sports Illustrated

"There's a soulfulness to the writing of The Muhammad Ali Handbook that goes beyond "Just the facts, ma'am" and really helps to understand the impact of Muhammad Ali's career now as much as then. At last, a sportswriter who engages with the 'politics' of sport as well as the 'culture' of the game!"  —Michelle Shocked

“Dave Zirin’s writing is the opening shot in the battle to reclaim sports.”  —Jim Bouton, former NY Yankee; author Ball Four

If there was an award for "Most Valuable Sportswriter" I would vote for Dave Zirin. His writing combines vivid narrative, good humor, impressive knowledge of the game, and a keen awareness of the connection between sports and the world outside. In our sports saturated society, his is an important voice that demands to be heard. A talented sportswriter with a social conscience -- what more can you ask?  —Howard Zinn

"Dave Zirin is one of the few writers in sport who refuses to bend to the increasing power of Sport and Media. His focus is honest and hard hitting. This book is invaluable given that we live in a time when Professional Sports seem to be crossing the line from a neurotic national fantasy to psychotic nightmare."  —Peter Gent; Former Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver; Author North Dallas 40

Dave Zirin is says things most of the sports media are afraid to. More to the point, he's saying things that most in this business don't have the wisdom or vision to even consider. If your passion for sports reaches beyond the box score -- and it should -- Zirin is essential. —Ryan Jones, Former Editor SLAM Magazine

Dave Zirin is an icon in the world of progressive sports.  —Dave Berkman; Wisconsin Public Radio

"Nobody writes sports like Dave Zirin.  He is the sole (and soulful) Bambino of the People's Games.  His line drive analysis cuts left to the basket and tells us what we need to know about the real business and politics of the games we play and watch.  Thank you, Dave Zirin, for telling the gut stories buried behind the endless media mega-hype."  —Harvey Wasserman author of Harvey Wasserman’s History of the United States.

Dave Zirin is hip, funny, and sharp as a tack. He uses sports – sometimes metaphorically, more often literally, to look at where we’ve been and where we’re headed. His latest book makes you devour every page, savor every word and crave more, redefining sports writing and taking it to its quintessential peak.  —Pat Thurston, Host The Pat Thurston Show, Bay Area

As a sports fan I am a big fan of Dave Zirin. He gets into the arenas, dugouts and bullpens of the mythologies enveloping our modern-day gladiators, the owners who control them, and the media that deify and crucify them. Zirin breaks it all down with insight, humor, and the passion of someone who knows all aspects of the game. He is simply the best sports writer around.  —David Barsamian, Director, Alternative Radio

If Chuck D were a sports writer, he’d be Dave Zirin, intelligent, well researched, and more than willing to give the mainstream sports establishment, and our assumptions about race the middle-finger. Dave tells the stories that America has purposefully forgotten.  His focus is the game within the game.  Dave is a Real MC.  —Nathan Ive, cultural critic and host of “The Nathan Ive Show” on 1230 WDBZ the Buzz

In a sports world awash in racism and exploitation, this is is just what the doctor ordered. Zirin is a funny, hardhitting  writer with a winning strategy: protect the people at all times and comes out fighting.  —Phil Taylor, CIUT Radio, Toronto; The Taylor Report

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Dave Zirin tells us what we need know about the world of sports and he does it with a passion, wit and sincerity that few other writers possess.  —<!--[endif]-->Greg Sansone; The Score Television Network

For those of us who care about racial justice yet obsess daily over our favorite teams and players, there are not many alternatives to the mind-numbing, uncritical, and often reactionary blather that passes for sports commentary. It’s a great thing, then, that we have Dave Zirin to provide the necessary antidote to this condition. Armed with that rare combination of genuine knowledge of sports and deeply-convicted radical politics, Zirin understands that meanings about race are deeply contested in and around the arena of sport. Thankfully, he refuses to concede ground in those arguments, so we don’t have to rely on ESPN and talk radio for analysis of the games we love. We can find alternative ideas in Zirin’s weekly columns and in his previous book What’s My Name Fool? Dave Zirin is smart, funny, sarcastic, insightful and he has produced another wonderful collection of essays in this book.  —Larry Salomon Professor; College of Ethnic Studies; San Francisco State University

In a gritty style, reminiscent of the golden age of populist journalism, Zirin’s wit and insight engages equally political junkies who wouldn’t be caught dead in a locker room, and sports fanatics who would rather sit through a root canal than follow politics. He is a bridge, perhaps the last, connecting sport to the political spectrum where heroics happen both on  andoff the field.  —C. L. Cook, senior editor, PEJ News; host, Gorilla Radio

Dave Zirin is one of the most original writers on sports today, and maybe the smartest.  He reminds us that our games matter, that just as we turn to sports for escape, they take us right back into the world of politics, of economics, of race.  With sports pages filled with blather and the airwaves a noisy cackle, Zirin's voice comes through clear and smart and strong.  Elliott Gorn, co-author (with Warren Goldstein) of A Brief History of American Sports

Dave Zirin makes it look downright fun to be pissed off. For anyone who understands--or seeks to understand--sports' relation to larger issues of race, class, sex, politics, and power, Zirin is required reading. Terrordome is the antidote to mainstream media's steady diet of "Booyah."  —Dan Appel Sports Off-Center: A Timeless Spoof Of Today's Sports World

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