10/23/20 - Betsy DeVos Attacks Trans Athletes Again

By using Title IX to threaten a school’s federal funding, DeVos and Trump are imposing their own definition of what constitutes a woman athlete.

10/21/20 - Military Flyovers at NFL Games Are Ridiculous

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck would be right to call them out for what they are: outrageously wasteful publicity stunts.

10/16/20 - NBA Bubble Postmortem

Were NBA players correct to finish their season, given concerns that they would distract from the movements in the streets? I think they were.

10/12/20 - If the NBA Stands for Racial Justice, What About Tom Gores?

10/07/20 - The NFL Season Could Be Facing a Covid Collapse

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08/26/20 - The Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers Strike for Racial Justice

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06/30/20 - Athletes Are Taking Their Solidarity to the Streets

06/25/20 - Racist IOC President Avery Brundage Loses His Place of Honor

06/22/20 - Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s Only Black Driver, Is Threatened With a Noose

06/18/20 - It’s Time for Roger Goodell to Change the Name of the Washington Football Team

06/16/20 - NBA Players Face the Question: To Boycott or Not to Boycott

06/11/20 - Why NASCAR’s New Ban on the Confederate Flag Is Such a Big Deal

06/09/20 - It’s Time for White NFL Players to Take the Knee

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05/28/20 - The Critical Role of Athletes in Fighting White Blindness

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05/22/20 - Shut Up and Play, or Shut Up and Die?

05/18/20 - Michael Jordan: Alone

05/15/20 - Baseball’s Plan to Reopen Is All Risk for the Players

05/13/20 - Michael Jordan and the Tragedy of the Bully

05/07/20 - The NFL Is Now Part of Trump’s Reelection Project

05/06/20 - Michael Jordan Is the Antihero of Our Times

04/29/20 - Olympic Workers of the World Unite!

04/27/20 - The NCAA Is Poised to Allow Players to Benefit From Their Labor

04/22/20 - The Unfortunate Ugliness of ‘The Last Dance’

04/17/20 - Trump’s Sports Advisers Represent the Worst of the Sports World

04/14/20 - WWE’s Reckless Approach to Covid-19

04/08/20 - The Plans to Bring Sports Back Are Truly Dystopian

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04/01/20 - A Bribery Scandal Hits the ‘2020’ Tokyo Olympics

03/27/20 - Athlete Activists Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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03/23/20 - The Olympics Teeter on the Brink

03/21/20 - Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp Shines Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

03/18/20 - Why Haven’t the Olympics Been Canceled Yet?

03/17/20 - ‘We Will Get Our Sports Back When We Deserve To’: A Q&A With Dr. Adia Benton

03/15/20 - Billionaire NBA Owners Have an Obligation to Help Suffering Arena Workers—Now

03/12/20 - The NBA’s Coronavirus Cancellation and the Workers Left Behind

03/11/20 - Maya Moore Saves a Life

03/06/20 - The Coronavirus Is Coming for Professional Sports

03/04/20 - The Coronavirus Exposes Why the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Should Be Canceled

02/28/20 - Athletes Take a Knee Against Israel’s Occupation

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02/20/20 - Donald Trump Is the Ugly Face of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

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12/20/19 - The Athletes Who Fought Back in 2019

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