11/20/18 - Calgary Olympic Bid Goes Down in Flames

The host city for the famed 1988 Winter Games decided overwhelmingly that it did not want a second bite at the poisoned Olympic apple.

11/16/18 - Le’Veon Bell and the Politics of Anti-Solidarity

Pittsburgh Steelers players ransacked their teammate’s locker, and NFL owners were assuredly licking their chops as the scene unfolded.

11/14/18 - ‘We Are Betting on Ourselves’: The WNBA Players Union Opts Out of Its CBA

It’s an audacious move to achieve something other sports unions have not been able to accomplish: getting the bosses to open the books. 

11/05/18 - Athletes Speak Out Against Hate

11/03/18 - Student Groups Push ‘Justice for Jordan’ Forward at the University of Maryland

10/31/18 - A ‘Justice for Jordan’ Protest Takes On the University of Maryland

10/29/18 - A Call for Solidarity in the Face of Hate

10/28/18 - Of Course the University of Maryland’s Football Culture Is Toxic

10/22/18 - Colin Kaepernick’s Celebrity Allies

10/15/18 - ‘I’ve Been Raising My Fist Every Day for 50 Years’

10/11/18 - A Poll Sheds Light on Tough Los Angeles Olympic Truths

10/10/18 - The UMD Football Team Comes Together to Kick a Booster Off a Plane

10/03/18 - Eric Reid: Forged in Struggle

09/26/18 - What the Worst of Sports Taught Brett Kavanaugh—and What It Still Teaches Today

09/24/18 - Whither the Jackie Robinson Project?

09/19/18 - True Grit: Vontae Davis Retires at Halftime

09/07/18 - Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced

09/04/18 - On Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad: Will the Revolution Be Branded?

08/27/18 - Why Kyrie Irving’s Connection to the Standing Rock Sioux Matters

08/16/18 - From Richard Collins III to Jordan McNair: The Shocking Negligence of the University of Maryland

08/13/18 - Police Unions Know Exactly Why NFL Players Keep Protesting

08/10/18 - NFL Player Protests Were Never About the Anthem or the Flag

08/06/18 - LeBron Shows Trump What Winning Really Looks Like

08/01/18 - LeBron’s Education Promise Needs to Become This Country’s Promise

07/30/18 - If the Dallas Cowboys Are ‘America’s Team,’ Then Lord Help Us

07/20/18 - NFL Owners Blink, Suspend Their Anthem Policy

07/18/18 - The NBA Is Coldhearted: Ask DeMar DeRozan

07/13/18 - Pro Wrestler Sami Zayn Aims to Save Lives In Syria

07/11/18 - How an Experienced Ref Would Have Handled the AAU Brawl

07/10/18 - On Draymond Green’s ‘Friends of the IDF’ Trip to Israel

06/29/18 - Mohamed Salah Cannot Be Apolitical

06/28/18 - Willie O’Ree at Long Last Makes the NHL Hall of Fame

06/25/18 - Hank Aaron Says He’d Reject a White House Invite

06/20/18 - FIFA’s Weak Attempts to Fight Racism Are on Display at the World Cup in Russia

06/13/18 - NFL Owners Don’t Fear Trump, They Fear Their Own Players

06/12/18 - ‘Athletes Aren’t Roulette Chips’: Bill Bradley Speaks Out on Gambling in Sports

06/08/18 - Who Is Protecting LGBTQ Fans at the 2018 World Cup?

06/06/18 - In a Victory for BDS, Argentina’s National Soccer Team Cancels a Game in Israel

06/05/18 - Why Donald Trump Disinvited the Eagles From the White House

06/05/18 - Why Donald Trump Disinvited the Eagles From the White House

05/30/18 - Dawuane Smoot and the Subterranean Fire in the NFL

05/23/18 - The Real Reason NFL Owners Want to Punish Players for Protesting During the Anthem

05/21/18 - Uncovering the Hidden Resistance History of Black Women Athletes

05/18/18 - Israel’s Most Racist Soccer Club Renames Itself After Donald Trump

05/14/18 - The Affirmative Case for Becky Hammon

05/09/18 - Roger Goodell Tries to Pass Buck on Protests Staged During Anthem

05/04/18 - NFL Washington Cheerleaders Go Public With Horrific Treatment

04/30/18 - Confrontation’: An Interview With Howard Bryant on Today’s Political Black Athlete

04/27/18 - Ex-Cheerleaders Fight Back Against the NFL

04/23/18 - Donald Trump and Jack Johnson Would Have Despised One Another

04/20/18 - How a Feminist Uprising Is Saving South American Soccer

04/19/18 - Cincinnati’s Soccer Stadium Scam

04/12/18 - Eric Reid Is Not For Sale

04/09/18 - Russell Westbrook Is ‘All-In’ With Oklahoma’s Striking Teachers

04/05/18 - Donald Trump and Mike Pence Have No Business Speaking About Martin Luther King Jr.

04/02/18 - Why Does Adidas Sponsor Soccer Teams in Illegal Settlements?

03/27/18 - #BlackLivesMatter and the NBA Collide In Sacramento

03/23/18 - Fans Are the Target of Madison Square Garden’s New Facial-Recognition Technology

03/19/18 - Loyola Soars In March Madness While a Faculty Strike Looms

03/16/18 - Loyola Basketball’s March Madness Success Shaded By Student Unrest

03/12/18 - What Losing the Brooklyn Dodgers Taught Bernie Sanders

03/08/18 - ‘He’s Been Our Voice’: Seattle Says Goodbye to Michael Bennett

03/05/18 - Is It Okay to Watch Football?

03/02/18 - Aly Raisman: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

02/26/18 - Winter Olympic Roundup: New Athletic Heroes Alongside the Same Old Grifts

02/23/18 - 15 Million Reasons Why Russian Olympians May Get Their Flags Back

02/21/18 - An Interview With Aaron Maybin

02/19/18 - LeBron James Flips the Script—Again

02/15/18 - Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Speaks Out Against the NRA

02/12/18 - The Farce of the ‘Olympic Athletes from Russia’

02/08/18 - Why So Many Philadelphia Eagles Are Rejecting This White House

02/05/18 - The Eagles’ Super Bowl Win Shows That Having a Conscience Does Not Distract From Winning the Game

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01/29/18 - The Progressive Case for the Philadelphia Eagles (Seriously)

01/25/18 - Larry Nassar’s Imprisonment and Lou Anna Simon’s Resignation Are Not Nearly Enough

01/22/18 - The Progressive Case for the New England Patriots (Seriously)

01/19/18 - Olympian Adam Rippon Stands Up to Mike Pence’s Homophobia

01/17/18 - The NBA Has Become a Site of Resistance Against Racism and Trump

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01/11/18 - Colin Kaepernick Has Shown That Courage Is Contagious

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12/29/17 - The Israeli Sports Minister Is Using the NBA to Further an Anti-Palestine PR Campaign

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