Media Education Foundation - the fearless producers of the earth shattering documentary Not Just A Game (available to be shown at schools and events now)

Left Jab - Best political radio on radio

Haymarket Books - Ideas to change the world. Check out their audio talks.

Sports Fans Coalition - the voice of sports fans

Kissing Suzy Kolber - Laugh until you're sick.

Sports on my Mind - DWIL gets it done.

The Starting Five - Bangin and Scoring every trip down.

Deadspin – Brutal and brilliant: if you can stand the occasional picture of a naked place kicker.

Rainbow Books – A treasure of a cooperative book store in Madison. Worth supporting.

Slam Magazine – TREEEEMENDOUS! - A terrific hoops site.

International Socialist Review - The best magazine on the American Left. - Joan Connelll and company run a remarkably diverse website.

Counterpunch - The best website on the American Left. Especially for election 2004 coverage. - Absolutely indispensible.

Teaching for Change

Latino Sports

League of Fans

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