04/14/14 - The UConn Huskies Win ‘NCAA Hunger Games Bingo’

We have a team of majority African-American basketball players not getting an education and not getting paid, but generating billions of dollars for the NCAA, CBS and the assorted sponsors. We have a state college suffering budget cuts and tuition hikes, that has been trashed by students thrilled that their team of unpaid mercenaries has brought them a measure of reflected glory. All the evening was missing was a war in the Middle East to get everyone truly good and frothy.

04/10/14 - Men on the Edge of Panic: Boomer Esiason, Mike Francesa and Toxic Masculinity

This is not another shooting-fish-in-a-barrel commentary about the antediluvian swinishness of Boomer Esiason and Mike Francesa. This is not another swipe at their comments criticizing the efforts of Mets second basemen Daniel Murphy for missing opening day to be with his wife for the birth of their child. Well, maybe a little.

04/03/14 - Richard Sherman Defends His Dirt

The NFL traffics in rank hypocrisy often without consequence. Stepping into this ethical vacuum we have Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman is more than a breath of fresh air. He's oxygen in a moral corpse.

03/30/14 - The Northwestern University Football Union and the NCAA’s Death Spiral

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01/02/14 - Dear NFL Owners: It’s Not Your Coaches. It’s You.

12/19/13 - What will the “Billie Jean Delegation” mean for LGBT Rights in Sochi?

12/16/13 - Peyton Manning: A Dreadful, Uninspired Choice as Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year

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12/05/13 - Ten Takeaways from The Winston Case: In This World, You Want To Be Jameis Winston, Not Trayvon Martin

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08/29/13 - ‘I’m Johnny Manziel, and You’re Not.’

08/27/13 - ESPN Journalists Speak Out on Concussion Documentary

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08/06/13 - Alex Rodriguez and the Pink Elephant in the room

08/04/13 - Alex Rodriguez & "The Best Interests of the Game"

07/30/13 - On Vultures and Red Wings: Billionaire Gets New Sports Arena in Bankrupt Detroit

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06/27/13 - Brazil: Yes, Blame the Damn World Cup

06/20/13 - In Brazil, Listen for the Ghosts of Mexico City

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05/01/13 - Why Jason Collins Is More Roger Bannister Than Jackie Robinson

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