09/21/15 - Getting God Out of Football

Believers and non-believers alike should welcome Aaron Rodgers’s and Arian Foster’s dissent against the constant invocation of Christ in football.

09/18/15 - Old Boy Longhorns vs. Neoliberal Pirates: The State of Sports at the University of Texas

The ouster of business-first Athletic Director Steve Patterson has many at the University of Texas hopeful for the future. But one professor says that there are no guarantees the situation will move in a better direction.

09/16/15 - The University of Texas Just Handed Out a $6 Million Golden Parachute

The nation’s biggest college sports program just paid its new director $6 million to quit.

09/14/15 - The Prophets: On the Conjoined Legacies of Moses Malone and ‘Chocolate Thunder’

09/11/15 - In the Year of #BlackGirlMagic, Marion Jones Is Missing

09/09/15 -  Washington’s Football Team Is the Donald Trump of the NFL

09/08/15 - Venus Williams Could Shock the World Tonight

09/04/15 -  Why, at Least Today, We Should Cheer Tom Brady

09/02/15 -  The NFL Must Be Loving the Misleading Sony Hacker Leaks on the Film ‘Concussion’

08/31/15 -  The Trailer for ‘Concussion’ Should Give Roger Goodell Night Sweats

08/29/15 - The Saints Did Not Save New Orleans

08/25/15 - Cris Carter: The Fall Guy

08/21/15 - Today’s Sports News Would Boggle the Mind of a 1965 Sportswriter

08/17/15 - The Absurd, Cowardly, and Morally Bankrupt NLRB Decision Against the Northwestern Football Union

08/14/15 - Hurricane Katrina and the Revival of the Political Athlete

08/10/15 - Why the Police Killing of Football Player Christian Taylor Matters

08/06/15 - A Year Since The Killing of Michael Brown, a Year of Sports Being Shaped by Struggle

08/03/15 - The Water in Rio Is Full of Sludge and Rotting Fish—And Olympians Are Supposed to Swim in It

07/31/15 - Why Tom Brady Is Worth Defending

07/30/15 - Why Boston Was Compelled to Pull Its 2024 Olympic Bid

07/22/15 - Sports as political money laundering is nothing new. But it's difficult to think of an example as brazen as Scott Walker's stadium deal for the Milwaukee Bucks.

07/14/15 - Serena Williams Is Today’s Muhammad Ali

07/06/15 - Why I’m Done Defending Women’s Sports

07/05/15 - African Artistry and Anger at the Women’s World Cup

07/05/15 - The Confederate Flag, the Washington Football Team, and the Owners Who Love Them

06/29/15 - Proposal: The Bree Newsome Olympic Challenge

06/22/15 - Steve Spurrier Was Right: We Need to Get Rid of ‘that Dang, Damn Confederate Flag’

06/18/15 - Charleston’s ‘Mother Emanuel Church’ Has Stared Down Racist Violence for 200 Years

06/16/15 - Soccer’s Enduring Sexism and the Magnificence of Marta

06/12/15 - The Irresistible Realness of Dusty Rhodes

06/10/15 - Two Roads: The Politics of David Blatt and the Passion of Steve Kerr’s Father

06/08/15 - The People of Oakland Need to Occupy Their Sports Teams

06/02/15 - Sepp Blatter’s Shocking End

05/29/15 - Sepp Blatter Re-Elected Just In Time for the Women’s World Cup

05/28/15 - Will the FIFA Raids Scuttle the Vote to Suspend Israeli Soccer?

05/28/15 - Montreal: Adopted Home of Jackie Robinson, John Carlos, and Now Michael Sam

05/26/15 - An NBA Player Is Missing the Playoffs Because the NYPD Broke His Leg—Why the Sports-Media Silence?

05/19/15 - Having a Wedding? A Sweet 16? Consider One of Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums!

05/15/15 - It’s Not Tom Brady We Should Be Worried About—It’s Roger Goodell

05/13/15 - Why Are We Paying the NFL to Help the Pentagon Recruit Troops?

05/11/15 - Israel and Palestine Agree: Keep Politics Out of Soccer

05/06/15 - James Dolan’s Epic WNBA Fail

05/04/15 - ‘The Game Done Changed’: Reconsidering ‘The Wire’ Amidst the Baltimore Uprising

05/01/15 - Makayla Gilliam-Price and Baltimore’s Debt to a Remarkable Family

04/30/15 - Baltimore Oriole Adam Jones and the Power of Seeing Pain

04/30/15 - Apartheid Games: Baltimore, Urban America, and Camden Yards

04/27/15 - Camden Yards and the Baltimore Protests for Freddie Gray

04/23/15 - Now That the Justice Department Has Struck Out, It’s Time to Put Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame

04/21/15 - Cornel West Is Not Mike Tyson

04/21/15 - A Police Story Unravels: How Did the NYPD Break an NBA Player’s Leg?

04/21/15 - The Debt Owed to Eduardo Galeano

04/14/15 - So... the NYPD Just Broke an NBA Player’s Leg

04/09/15 - The Wisconsin Badgers Deserve Better Than Scott Walker

04/02/15 - Duke University Coach Mike Krzyzewski Is a Profile in Cowardice

03/31/15 - Moving the Final Four Out of Indiana Would Be One Hell of a Political Statement

03/31/15 - Why the NCAA Should Move the Final Four Out of Indiana

03/27/15 - An Economist Explains Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

03/27/15 - ‘You’re Not a Commodity, You’re a Person.’ How Chris Borland Has Reframed the Football Debate

03/27/15 - Ashley Judd's noble fight to confront social media sexism: After trolls batter the Kentucky superfan on Twitter, she fights back

03/27/15 - Chris Borland and the Revenge of History

03/16/15 - Why Not Even the Mighty John Oliver Can Shame the NCAA

03/16/15 - ‘Are We Still Thugs When You Pay to Watch Us Play Sports?’

03/11/15 - Chip Kelly, John Carlos and the ‘R-Word’

03/11/15 - Royce White on Larry Sanders, Mental Wellness and the NBA

03/06/15 - Defeat: Major League Soccer Players Union Scores an Own Goal

03/06/15 - The Passing of Three Interconnected Icons: Earl Lloyd, Minnie Minoso and Anthony Mason

03/06/15 - Can Players Win a Strike Against Major League Soccer?

02/24/15 - The #BlackLivesMatter Surveillance Special at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

02/24/15 - It Matters: Steph Curry Honors Victim of Chapel Hill Murders

02/12/15 - Gentrification Is the Real Scandal Surrounding Jackie Robinson West

02/10/15 - Dean Smith: On the Passing of a Death Penalty Abolitionist

02/10/15 - Serena Williams, Indian Wells and Rewriting the Future

02/10/15 - Following Up on the Conspiracy Theory Surrounding the Super Bowl’s Final Moments

02/10/15 - Open Letter to Roger Goodell: It’s Time to Resign

02/02/15 - The Conspiracy Theory Surrounding The Seahawks’ Last Play

01/28/15 - Marshawn Lynch and Roger Goodell: A Compare And Contrast

01/28/15 - Patriots Balls and Christopher Hitchens

01/28/15 - Deflated Balls for Some, Miniature American Flags for Others!

01/28/15 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali and What Their Secret Friendship Teaches Us Today

01/28/15 - After 86 Years the Palestinian National Soccer Team Finally Arrives

01/28/15 - On the Death of the Irreplaceable Mike Marqusee

01/28/15 - On Naked Emperors and College Football’s Championship

01/28/15 - Dear Boston: Say Hell No to the Olympic Games

01/06/15 - Why All Opponents of Gentrification and Police Militarization Should Oppose the DC 2024 Olympic Bid

01/06/15 - Stuart Scott Was My Strength

01/06/15 - A Reality of Their Own: Jameis Winston, Rape and Seminole Fandom at Florida State

01/06/15 - Why 2014 Will Be Remembered as the Year the Sports World Turned Upside Down

01/06/15 - Athlete-Activists Can’t Be Scared Silent After the Murder of Two NYPD Officers

01/06/15 - Interview With Ariyana Smith: The First Athlete Activist of #BlackLivesMatter

12/23/14 - The Cleveland Browns’ Andrew Hawkins, #BlackLivesMatter and the Accidental Activist

12/23/14 - In the Spirit of Wyomia Tyus, Women Athletes Say #BlackLivesMatter

12/23/14 - The Power of Political Athletes to Puncture Privilege

12/10/14 - The Enduring Importance of the Activist Athlete

12/10/14 - #BlackLivesMatter Takes the Field: A Weekend of Athletes Speaking Out

12/09/14 - From Rams to Ariyana Smith, Athletes Honor Michael Brown

12/03/14 - St. Louis Rams Players Tell the World That #BlackLivesMatter

12/01/14 - Do #BlackLivesMatter to White Athletes? Let’s Ask Them

11/21/14 - Dave Zirin on the Dan Patrick Show: Roger Goodell & Adrian Peterson

11/21/14 - Beyond the Drug Raids: Why the Feds Are Fed Up With the NFL

11/21/14 - New NBA Union Chief Michele Roberts Slams the League’s Old Labor Practices

11/14/14 - Boston Is Already Saying ‘Hell No’ to the 2024 Olympics

11/14/14 - Kurt Busch, Ray Rice and How Sports Disseminates the Burdens of Racism

11/07/14 - A-Rod and Ray Rice: If They Go Down, Let Them Not Be Alone

11/07/14 - Why the Movement Against Washington Football’s Racial Slur Is ‘Idle No More’

11/07/14 - FIFA Denies Women’s World Cup Players an Equal Playing Field—Literally

11/02/14 - The Bridge: A Political Appreciation of Steve Nash

10/22/14 - They Need Him, So Why Was Michael Sam Cut From the Dallas Cowboys?

10/22/14 - Stop Surgical Violence Against Women Athletes—and Let Dutee Run!

10/13/14 - ‘Raiders Night’ Comes to Sayreville

10/08/14 - The NBA’s 21st-Century Vampires