09/23/16 - The NBA Is Trying to Convince Players Not to Protest Police Brutality on the Court

But WNBA players have shown why it's probably not going to work. 

09/21/16 - Colin Kaepernick on Terence Crutcher and ‘Racism Disguised as Patriotism’

A new generation of athletes and sports fans are learning that courage is contagious.

09/19/16 - Bigots Beware: White Athletes Are Becoming Sympathetic to Anthem Protests

We have, as of this writing, not seen white, male pro athletes join the “Kaepernick protests.” But you can sense that it is coming.

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04/05/16 - US Women’s Soccer Is More Popular Than Men’s, but the Players Are Still Paid Less

03/31/16 - The Lakers Can Kindly Shove Their Bro Code

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03/15/16 - Los Angeles Rams Owner Wanted Players to Still Be Classified as St. Louis Workers

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