If the South Would Have Won: The NFL and Hank Williams, Jr.

In our segmented, culturally segregated, 5,000 channel era, the NFL might be the last entertainment product that tries to be all things to all people. Black or white; northerner or southerner; male, or female: the NFL wants your passion and wants your money. Last week for example was a nod to the wallets of women everywhere as all players were tinted in bright-pink to “raise breast cancer awareness.” The gravity of the issue didn’t stop Cowboys owner Jerry Jones from displaying his cage-dancing cheerleaders in a more straightforward display of breast-awareness, hold the cancer.


The broadcasts are also pointedly diverse as over-caffeinated talking heads come in all colors. The NFL and their chief broadcast partner ESPN particular wants the disposable income of one particularly thorny demographic: your right-wing, gun-toting, Palin-loving, southern football fans. That’s why ESPN inexplicably hired Rush Limbaugh in 2003 to be part of their NFL pre-game team. And that’s why Bocephus himself, Hank Williams, Jr. has sang the Monday Night Football theme song for 20 years. But therein lies the NFL’s problem. It's a trap game. Eventually Limbaugh had to open his mouth and just as the sun rises in the east, the bile did spew. He of course spoke out in crudely racist terms about then-Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, everyone in the ESPN corporate offices reached for their vapors, and Limbaugh was gone.


Now Hank Williams, Jr. has been bounced from singing about “all [his] rowdy friends” because he appeared on Fox and Friends and compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. ESPN’s issued the following shocked response, saying, "While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight's telecast."


Hank Williams, Jr.’s then put forward a bizarre apology where he felt the need to say, “Every time the media brings up the Tea Party it’s painted as racist and extremists – but there’s never a backlash – no outrage to those comparisons." So a Tea Party supporter compares the Nation's first African American President to Hitler and then says it's a double standard to criticize him because no one gets mad at those who call the Tea Party racist. I now need more coffee.


The bigger question is why was ESPN surprised? This is Hank Williams, Jr. we’re talking about, not Amy Grant. The man brags that he'll never stop "speaking my mind." Unfortunately, his mind resides somewhere on a plantation rocking chair. It’s not just his past controversial statements, such as when he sang about Obama’s “"terrorist friends” at a McCain Palin fundraiser in 2008.  The guy actually wrote a song in 1988 about the Civil War called "If the South Would have Won.” The lyrics are, "If the South would have won we would have it made. I'd make my supreme court down in Texas and we wouldn't have no killers getting off free If they were proven guilty then they would swing quickly, instead of writing' books and smiling' on T.V. We'd put Florida on the right track, 'cause we'd take Miami back" [from who? Jews? Cubans? Haitians? Or will Hank go for the trifecta?]. "I said if the south would a won we would a had it made! Might even be better off!" [In a league where 70% of the players are Black, 100% of the owners are white, maybe this should be the Monday Night theme song.]


The problem, in other words, isn’t Hank Williams, Jr. It’s ESPN and the NFL thinking they can stretch the boundaries of their product to unite racists and anti-racists; neo-confederates and people who are ready to put the Stars and Bars in our national rear view mirror; Redskins fans and those who find that franchise name sickening. We are living in times of profound polarization. If the NFL really wants to cater to the demographic that loves Hank Williams, Jr. and Rush Limbaugh, they’d be better ordering the Broncos to just start Tim Tebow.


[Dave Zirin is the author of “The John Carlos Story” (Haymarket) and just made the new documentary “Not Just a Game.” Receive his column every week by emailing dave@edgeofsports.com. Contact him at edgeofsports@gmail.com.]

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Not ALL colors...

Asians are under-represented in the NFL...

Sieg Heil

Hitler analogies are used by the right and left to stir up the troops. DZ's compadre-in-arms Alexander Cockburn compared Bush to Hitler. Cockburn got rebuked by his editor but the column still got published and he continues to write for the magazine. Maybe the Nation wanted to enlarge its demographics just like ESPN. It would include left-wing,anti-gun,Dennis Kucinich,north-eastern soccer fans. Aren't steriotypes great?


I think ESPN dumped the song because they are a Jewish-owned organization (Disney) & any non-jew mentioning Hitler for anything is like the kiss of death. You'll never work with Jews again if you do what he did.


Am I in the Onion AV Club comments section?
Or are these idiots for real?

Good point, Jowl

Fortunately, FOX gives voice to all disempowered racists and anti-Semites. As soon as the Tea Party assumes total control of the government Racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia will be allowed with fear of recrimination.

Offensive overgeneralizations.

Slavery was bad. Congratulations, you can realize that. However, do not call me a racist or Neo-Confederate because i think Hank Jr. was not out of line to make the comments he did. It was an ANALOGY. Obama : Boehner :: Hitler : Netanyahu. He did not call Obama Hitler, he said the relationship between Obama and Boehner was similar to the relationship between Hitler and Netanyahu. Also, the second damning quote Williams made, "they're the enemy" is also easily misconstrued. They [Obama and Biden] are the enemy (of Boehner). They are different political parties. i can respect the decision of ESPN to disassociate themselves from the political views of people they have on air, but the real problem is people who assume they know what someone means when they only listen to half of what they say. i like the comment made by DS. this does seem like Onion news, because if anyone knows anything about Hank Jr this wouldn't surprise them, but it has no effect on his ability to provide an entertaining song to introduce Monday Night Football.

Hank Williams JR/Your appearance on ESPN OTL

Never heard of you before Zirin - took 2 seconds after you started talking to know you are just as bad as what you pretend to decry. Did you stik up for Bush when he was constantly compared to Hitler? Or were you the one making the posters? You also try to simplify a civil war into a conflict solely about 1 issue - clearly a small minded, revisionist-history perspective discounting all other reasons for the sole purpose of highlighting the most antogonistic reason - thanks for the research there Zirin. Do you not listen to Elton John because he is a faggot? Or because you like faggots is he okay? BTW - the word 'gay' means happy, not same sex oriented Zirin. Faggot isn't hate speech as hate speech doesn't exist - hate LISTENING does. Its people like you that start wars by trying to act holier than thou while telling us whats right & wrong - if we do that - we are labeled 'goons' & 'facist-haters'. You hypocrite. Oh - I'm from the north, moved to the south & guess what I found? Integration is much more the norm in the south. In the north neighborhoods are extremely segregated. Again - right up your do as I say not as I do alley.

Wrong, Sir! Wrong!

Wait a minute there Mr. "Offensive Overgeneralizations", JL Snorlax.

You aren't going to get away with that "it was just a comparison, he didn't compare Obama to Hitler" crap. Look at this:

Monday on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," Williams, unprompted, said of Obama's outing on the links with House Speaker John Boehner: "It'd be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu."

Asked to clarify, Williams said, "They're the enemy," adding that by "they" he meant Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

" You used a name of one of the most hated people of all the world to describe I think the President "

Hank Williams Jr: " That is True...But I'm telling like it is "

Spin that!! The problem is that some of us did listen to what he said and apparently you weren't one of them. You are entitled to believe Hank's rationalizations he made AFTER he sobered up if you want. That's fine, but don't act like the people that aren't defending "Bocephus" don't know what they are talking about.


Really hate speech doesn't exsist seriously? Do you actually realize that in order for the word "faggot" to not be offensive you have to ignore decades of history as well ignore the fact that in American society it is an insult, don't believe me go down to the nearest bar and call several people faggots and see how many confrontations you get into. It is not hate listening it is the product of the fact that being gay is not 100% accepted in society and peoples actions reflect that.

hank williams jr

you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to turn jrs statement into something racial, talking about the holocaust and whatnot. you are a chump, a winer, a cry baby and a bleeding heart that represents the major problem in this country. that problem is people not being able to speak there mind and others being oversenstitve to everything. step down from the public eye dave, your not cut out for it.

No Hate Speech Mike...really

MikeSk - first thank you for the worhtwhile arguement you put forth - seriously. I agree with all you say except for one point - the actual premise of 'hate' speech. Or 'Hate' crime for that matter. Or 'reverse'-discrimination. They don't exist. Vitiriolic (sp?) rhetoric is offensive, murder is offensive, discrimination is just that - discrimination, and offensive. By it's very definition - every murder can be linked to hate - due to gender, religion, race, age - you name it. Having disparate hiring or admission practices for different types of people (any type person) is simply discrimination. I agree if I go to a bar and call people names - whether it be sexual preference related, a body part, a religious reference - I will be opening a can of whoop-ass. It's not hate speech though - offensive? yes...stupid to say? probably... But anything can be said and found to be offensive by the audience - targeted or not. I certainly don't like being called names. I also don't like what people like Zirin have to say - but I don't label it hate speech. I may vehemently disagree - but he has every right to say it. Hate, tolerance & ignorance are like beauty - it is in the eye of the beholder. Besides - if we are using opinion - I'll use mine! LOL. But Zirin's stating his opinion as fact is an egregious misrepresentation. But not hate.

Only Dave Zirin

had a problem with Hank's Theme Song for MNF. If Hank Williams was truly offensive, why wasn't anyone complaining but you. The South had a right to win the Civil War (which wasn't fought about slavery but dominance of the South's growing industrial strength) and only Dave Zirin is standing on the side of decrying Hank. Dave, you are UnAmerican.

Hank jr

Your comment on ESPN outside the lines was bullshit.


saw you on outside the lines and could not agree more with your comments i remember being introduced his music as a child and thinking he's ignorant and was confused why the networks would employ him

today's appearance

You ought to be embarrassed and shamed by your appearance with Bomani Jones and Finebaum today. ESPN, like so many news and entertainment organizations keep kissing the ass of our soon to be one term multi-racial president ... you included. HWjr was stupid to openly state his feelings. He gets fired with cause for saying what millions feel ... this president and other political leaders are not our friends ... many feel that they are the enemy. All of you media whores and wanna be's seize the opportunity for face time.

I've lived in the south 24 years, was raised and educated in Pennsylvania and have a direct descendant that fought at Gettsyburg (for the winning team). I've listened to Finebaum for almost 20 years. He is well respected by black, white, democrats, republicans and even the libertarians. He defended sanity. You and Zirin supported what you think is mainstream outrage for HWjr. Let me tell you, I'm working in Wisconsin this week and there is no outrage.

Where are YOU when black athletes perpetuate the hip hop and thug stereotype? I haven't seen you open your mouth about that on your many Around the Horn appearances. ESPN needs to keep to sports and you and Bomani need to crawl back in whatever hole you you call home.

Christopher Levy

[The Civil War] 'which wasn't fought about slavery but dominance of the South's growing industrial strength"
The mid 19th Century Southern industrial economy was meager at best. You're so profoundly wrong. Read a book.

Hank Williams

The comments that Dave Zirin made today was embarrassing. He turned a topic into a racist situation. He was referring to a song that had nothing dealing with the topic. If you want to bring up past songs, well what about Hank Williams Jr's song "Mr Lincoln"? The song was about Abraham Lincoln which was the president of the union during the civil war. Dave Zirin probably doesn't even know about that song or the history of the Civil War. Listen to it Dave. If Dave wants to refer to songs, well apparently he has not listen to any of the rap songs today. Dave, if you talk about one you better bring the other up too. The topic was about President Obama. Did Dave even mention Obama, or was it all racial/Civil War "facts"? If Williams was let go, why shouldn't Dave Zirin? He should be punished some way or another.


What's funny is all the "bile that came out of Rush Limbaugh about Donovan being overrated and loved because he was a black quarterback was probably true in retrospect.

People aren't dumb, they're happy hating

Here's the thing. HW Jr's "analogy," which OO said means he didn't liken Obama to Hitler, was this: Two current leaders of two (very similar, corporatist, servants of the super-rich) political parties playing golf together is like Benjamin Netenyahu, born 1949, playing golf with Adolph Hitler, dead in 1945. Hitler was one of the 20th century's most effective mass murderers and destroyer of whole societies in pursuit of a nationalist agenda. And then HW Jr. acknowledged that his "analogy" meant to equate Barack Obama with Adolph Hitler. As bad as Obama is, that is dead drunk stupid.

Of course HW Jr. will get a huge martyrdom bump among all the people who believe the Civil War was about the South's economic dynamo (which was failing at the time despite being dependent on slavery; for comparison, China's current economy also depends on slavery, but it is actually dynamic and growing; the South's was stagnant and sinking at the time -- and the elite, who Tea Party morons appear to admire, were as corrupt, stupid, inbred, and craven as the last Roman emperors were; and the South accomplished that debasement in only a couple hundred years).

Obama will be unaffected. ESPN will be unaffected. HW Jr. will be better off, a big ole hero among the jowly red-faced alcoholic losers. The raw-boned Pioneer Kates and the Ayn Rand IT Community and so on (this is a nod to the dependency on stereotypes) -- losers who, like fat red-faced alcoholic poor people in the South -- adamantly oppose raising taxes on the super rich, the 1% who own 20+% of all the nation's wealth (and who are not "Americans" any more, since they also invest most of their wealth outside the US) and they will continue to oppose them. Why? Because one day all of you are gonna be super rich. Right? Then you could get one of those yellow combovers like birther hero Donald Trump has. Grow it long enough and it will cover up your bloated gut and maybe hide the foreclosure too. Trump, by the way, is propped up by the truly super rich. He has lost every penny, and he always will.

I would be happy to join arms with like-minded so-called "conservatives" (current conservative philosophy conserves nothing but the overwhelming power of the super rich over everybody else). I oppose Barack Obama. Unfortunately, I oppose him because he supports the corporatist philosophy you support. I oppose him because he has continued and expanded upon the GWB Jr. gutting of the First and Fourth Amendments, infringements that you support.

You only care about the Second Amendment anyway. Don't worry. When you start shooting, your egos will tell you you aren't just like all the foot soldiers who have died in mud and sand at the behest of the super rich and, yes, Adolph Hitler and Benjamin Netenyahu. Well, your egos will be wrong. You will die for your masters, no doubt. They won't care.

(PS -- Just to keep you from embarrassing yourselves: Anybody who wants to whine about ESPN firing HW Jr. violating his First Amendment rights needs is an idiot. He had a right to say whatever. ESPN had a right to do whatever. I'm just trying to help you, anonymous idiot, from revealing yourself as an idiot.)

hank w jr on fox

Is it really reasonable to totally ignore the fact that many in America have always doubted Obama's integrity when it comes to his loyalty, patriotism, and love for America? At least you have to acknowledge that the "America" he, his wife, and pastor long for is different from many of us. Therefore, when someone refers to him as the "enemy," reasonable people should at least acknowledge the fact that many people do consider their ideological viewpoints as an "attack" on the historical America that many of us know and love. Read "Who Are We" by Huntington and try to be as "inclusive" with people who don't like Obama as you expect a huge majority of middle class Americans to be about every crazy liberal cause imaginable.

Hank Williams Jr.

I hate to say this but "YOU ARE AN IDIOT"! You don't have a clue, your little panties got in a twist and your little "feelers" got hurt. And I wasn't going to say it, but I changed my mind and I am going to. You are an EFFING DUMBASS.
Pete Salazar

Chalk this up as another conspiracy lol

I recently moved to Texas and found it refreshing that the people here are very nice, they are also quick to help prove that redneck stereotype is right on the money. I'm white my gf is not and we hear about it all the time. Mostly from large middle age women, we walk on not saying a word made them angrier. There is a lot of paranoid people here that have strong insecurities, they deal with it by being racist. HWJ reminds me of all the dicks I've met hear fat loud and they know they're always right no matter how insane they sound


Philup, you are another example of not knowing facts. Hank Jr has a good friend named Robert James Ritchie (Kid Rock). which by the way has teenage son from an african american woman. He supports Kid Rock and will do anything for his son as well. Get your facts right before you start complaing. People cannot help how you are treated in Texas, so move. It still is a free country.

Outside the Lines

Just wanted to say thanks to you and Bomani Jones for putting the hammer down on our village idiot (That would be Finebaum. I live in Birmingham.)

It's been very difficult as a sports fan here because Finebaum has pretty much controlled sports radio in this area (until recently. Thank God for the Zone). You can imagine what listening to that imbecile will do to you. I turned the guy off years ago but I still lose IQ points from the brief exposure I get to him by just living here.

Anyway, it was nice to see you and Bomani expose that cockroach to the light of reason. As expected, he didn't hold up too well. Hopefully, he will one day find a career for which he's better suited.

That whole "My family died in the holocaust" thing of his was absolutely bizarre.

Outside the Lines

Keep fighting the good fight, my man.

Hitler comparisons need to STOP

To begin, I'd like to applaud ESPN for pulling the usual Monday Night Football intro in response to Mr. Williams' comments. It was a foolish thing to say and a very incorrect comparison. I feel it's one that has to stop. Yeah, I remember the Bush/Hitler comparisons and that was studpid. People who make these phony anologies know jack about history. This includes (but is not limited to) liberals, conservatives, tea party or whatever.

Are you ready for some football?

Dave is obvious a liberal, southern hating jerk. His comments about being physically ill with HWJr's lyrics is total BS. He probably doesn't like "Country Boys will Survive". Dave must be a North Eastern raised city boy who has never sampled southern or western USA culture!!! A guy who wants to stir up the non-educated, un-employed masses who don"t have a clue about the real issues going on in this country. In fact I bet he played socceer while growing up in his liberal, well to do youth! He is another example of people who are offended by and fear rowdy people who don't even notice or care about their existance!

Unflattering TV appearance..

I don't frankly care about the NFL or about what sports commentators say about the NFL, but I do care about what passes for political discourse in this country.

The main point I want to make is that Mr. Zirin immediately jumps to the insinuation of racism without coming right out with it. The opening salvo here is that what Williams said was offensive to Jews (set that aside for now), but also offensive to the 70% of folks in the NFL who are black.

This needs some unpacking, IMO. It assumes a few things, any one of which in isolation would tend to indicate a problem with the worldview of whoever held such assumptions.

First and foremost, Williams did not say anything about the color or race of the President. Nor did he make any allegorical statements that suggested a race-based component of his criticism. He didn't make an inappropriate "plantation" joke or anything of the sort. So Zirin appears to be resting on the tired claim that any criticism whatsoever of president Obama stems from some unresolved racism or bigotry on the part of Hank Williams Jr. This leads to a direct question for Mr. Zirin: is there _any_ criticism that Williams could make of Obama that you would not shamelessly ascribe to racism on his part? Is there anything at _all_ he could say about President Obama that you would beleive was a sincere assessment of the man and not the ugly spectre of the racism you assume he must harbor?

My strong suspicion is that it frankly doesn't matter to you _what_ Mr. Williams says, and that you are instead upset that Mr. Williams says anything at all. You all but laid plain your beleif that people who have a different point of view than yourself ought not to be allowed to speak on TV. Shameful.

The second problem with your opening statement was the issue of the number of black NFL players who should be offended.

The basic problem here is that it is indicative of your own deep seated racism, which you express via a misplaced paternalism. This is common in leftist ideologues. Succinctly, you view all black folks as essentially a monoculture, and your noblesse oblige compels you to look for racists to condemn on their behalf.

But you were already guilty of the racism you claim to detest in others when you decided to think of these NFL players as a race or a group instead of individuals.

I'm not especially familiar with the political views of NFL players, nor do I assume they are monocultural, but at least amongst the black population in general, there are certainly those who disagree bitterly with the Obama platform and presidency, and those who would consider him an enemy. They might be less likely to use the hyperbole that Hank Williams did, but no less likely to condemn the President's policies if given national tv airtime, and to rightly point out that the President and Speaker Boehner play the role of ideological enemies. (They aren't _actually_ enemies: both believe in a strong federal government that gives you and me the short end of the stick)

In any case, your second problem is assuming that any criticism of the president automatically offends black NFL players. I don't think you said this because you beleive that only black NFL stars are patriotic and all other NFL players are communist sympathizers or otherwise categorical enemies of the office of Presidency. Rather, you said this because of the implicit racism you harbor that posits that blacks are monoculturalists, not individuals.

In the TV shouting match I saw, nobody of course was lucid enough to ask you about this, but I will do so now. Can you explain what specifically hank williams said that should offend all black NFL players and why it should uniquely offend them?

Neo Confederates should read a book and put down the moonshine.

I thought it was terrible that Hank Williams Jr. compared John Boehner to Hitler. Bozo the Clown is a better analogy.

As for the neo confederates who think that slavery was not the reason for secession I suggest you read the words of the Confederate Vice President, Alexander Stephens. At the constitutional convention he said that the Confederacy was born to protect slavery. Jefferson Davis expressed the same sentiment.

A Better Comparison

Dave's intellect and professionalism (assuming either exist) is like a scared punkish boy trying to do a man's job.

hank williams

didn't agree with his comments but I wonder how you (Zirin) saw that as offensive to the african-american players in the NFl, I think that is a stretch. He said nothing about the players in the nfl. You may not like him, and I for one am not sure I like him but I think you find it too easy to condemn someone you don't agree with. Stop trying to tell people that they SHOULD be offended...that is all.


That Dave Zirin, you can't take him anywhere.

Hey Rednecks, look up the word "Analogy"

I keep seeing this idiotic defense of HWJR. "He didn't compare Obama to Hitler. It was an ANALOGY" An analogy is a form of comparison, and if you think it's so harmless try going to your place of business and making them about your boss and see if you don't get canned. Dave you made a good point about selective outrage. These Republicans know that the 1st amendment doesn't extend to corporate America, and they're fine with that until one of their fellow rednecks gets high as a kite and makes a fool of himself. I live in Mississippi and there is nothing as pathetic as the Neo-confederate victimology down here

Zirin's right, Williams is a chump

Wow. Isn't it amazing nowadays how many knuckle-draggers are prompted out of the woodwork when one lone writer finally says what a majority of folks have already been thinking. Zirin is completely correct here--Hank Williams Jr. is a bigot. Straight up.

Before the maggots descend upon me (I'm looking in your direction Salazar, Willis, et al) let me say that my family's from the South. I was raised on country music (among other genres), and Williams Jr. most certainly doesn't speak for me or most of the folks I know from below the Mason-Dixon. The only people he does speak for are those country music execs who have spent the past several decades twisting the music into a stars-and-bars parody of itself.

Hank Williams isn't a racist? Seriously? The man hails the virtues of the Confederacy (i.e. "Blacks knew their place") and has always appealed to some kind of "blue collar" populism when in fact his upbringing was relatively comfortable. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

That his supporters on this board all are forced to resort to slander and insult to state their case speaks volumes. He's nothing but a charlatan and that ESPN kept a relationship with him for so long definitely isn't to their credit. That Zirin called him out at long last is definitely to his, however.

Dave Zirin's Comments on OTL

Mr. Zirin,
I agree that ESPN had every right to dump Hank Williams Jr. from the show. While Hank has his First Amendment rights, there are consequences when your speech puts a bad name on your employer.

HOWEVER, I think you are being completely dishonest when you said that Hank's comments were another in a long line of comparing the President to Hitler. Did you speak up when Nancy Pelosi compared President Bush to Hitler? How about when Al Gore called Republicans "Brown Shirts?"

Step up and be a mensch, Mr. Zirin. Denounce the use of the Hitler comparison in ALL politics and then we'll talk.

For a bit of a music point of view...

Check this out:


And what part of his comment made any remark towards racism about racism?

A double standard has been made in the U.S. Slavery has been ended for over 100 years along with any sort of bias towards a particular race. The word raceist is used to losely and to anyone with different color skin who doesn't share the same view point. Please grow up and educate urself, rather than use an attack that is off topic. Im not getting into politics, but I would love to know what part of his comment was racist. Do you people who think he is racist also consider hate towards jews racist? cause if not, that is the very definition. Look at yourself and your views before you speak.


Imply that someone on the right is racist, and they will hunt you down on the internet and post a bunch of angry comments on your blog. Are you the same people who trolled the news sites that mentioned Rick Perry's old hunting grounds?
All of you defending Hank Williams Junior: that was an idiotic thing he said, way dumber than it was offensive. Maybe ESPN fired him for plagiarism, deducing after hearing those comments, plus his half assed apology, that there's not way Hank could have strung together a coherent verse, much less written a song by himself.

Yes, yes, I know it was an analogy comparing relationships. It was one of the stupidest analogies ever. Let's examine it. Hank compared Obama and Boehner's relationship to that of Hitler and Netanyahu. What exactly was the relationship between Hitler and a man who was born 4 years after Hitler died and eventually became prime minister of a country that didn't exist during Hitler's life? But even if we imagined some time travel scenario, what would we make of Hitler playing a friendly round of golf with the leader of a jewish state. Wouldn't that be a landmark, mind blowing moment of diplomacy? It would put the Third Reich and Israel on better diplomatic terms than many of Israel's neighbors! However, Williams Jr implies that this is a bad thing. In his weirdly capitalized "apology" Hank lamented that two of the president and the speaker of the house were slapping five and being nice to each other, while working people are struggling.

Aparently, instead of working together to solve the country's problems, Hank thinks that two of the most powerful people in the country should be at each others' throats. That is the stupidity of Hank Williams Jr.

Stars and Bars?

Hate to have to tell you this DZ, but the Confederate Battle Flag and the Stars and Bars are completely different flags---don't look even remotely alike other than the fact both are red, white and blue. As Casey Stengel used to say, "You can look it up!"

terrorist friends

Isn't Obama friends with one mister Bill Ayres? I believe he would constitute a terrorist...

ESPN (finally) booting Hank Williams Jr.ackcowboystudbrett1953@

Chris Levy,if you think the Civil War wasn't about slavery-you're EVEN DUMBER THAN HANK JR.!!!!
Robert E. Lee,Confederate Pres. Jefferson Davis and other prominent Confede-rats ADMITTED THIS FACT QUITE FREELY!!!!As for Hank Jr.,he's likely a,well,bigot-I can't picture him with a black best bud-but it's ESPN which empowers dumb,
talentless good ol' boys of his ilk.(Remember
Flush Lame-Baugh in 2003?)


Hank jr is the man, all you silly son of bitches that feelings are always getting hurt get over it cry babies yall will make a real man sick the black man should thank the white man for bringing his ass over here and giving him a chance at a good life we did go take them from africa we bought them from tribes that were going to kill or even eat them study the truth not what they tell you in school remember they cant afford to hurt anybodys feelings GET OVER IT

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