Chicago Cubs Smack Down Immigrant Rights Message

The call is growing to boycott and protest the Arizona Diamondbacks wherever they play in response to the monstrously named "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act" SB 1070. The owners of the D-backs, the Kendrick family have, as leading funders of the state Republican party, underwritten the political bottom feeders who passed the bill. The Kendrick's team also plays in a stadium Chase Field, that received $250 million in public funds. In other words, in a scheme that could be described as wingnut political money laundering, they have taken the people's money with one hand and with the other used it to bankroll state-apartheid.


People in Denver are organizing to protest the Diamondbacks when they play the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday night. Also, this weekend they play the Cubs, a picket has been called for Thursday at noon at Wrigley Field. Judging by facebook, this will be a significant event. It's slogan is "America's favorite past-time will be hit with a reality check."


But Major League Baseball won't make it easy for us to "politicize" the games. (Only owners like the Kendricks get to play the sports/politics game.) The Center for New Community, a national civil and immigrant rights organization, attempted to buy three 5th Inning messages on the Cubs Scoreboard for Sunday's game. They would have said the following:


1). Cubs Welcome Arizona Immigrant Players. Repeal SB-1070!

2). Cubs Welcome All Immigrants. Repeal AZ SB-1070!

3). Cubs Welcome D-Backs Please Repeal Arizona SB-1070!


The Cubs, however, had no interest in playing ball. Here is their curt response:


"Unfortunately we are unable to process your scoreboard request due to the content of the messages.

Thank you,

Jenn Dakoske | Community Affairs"


Chicago Cubs management leaves fans with one conclusion. The organization will be officially supporting the Kendrick family efforts to stay in the shadows and avoid accountability. Immigrant Rights activists in the Chicago area have no choice but to take to the streets in front of Wrigley Field and be heard. They should leaflet, they should picket, they should send out a million press releases, and they should bear witness.


As for me, I wrote that I wouldn't write or mention the Arizona Diamondbacks as long as SB1070 remained law. But let's amend that if we could. I won't write about the team, but I will write up every effort to both protest Team Kendrick and spread these twin messages nationally:


1) Apartheid laws have no place in Arizona


2) Sports owners receiving millions in public subsidies can't fund right wing politicians to do their bidding and then recede to the shadows. No way, no how.

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This sucks...

As a Cubs fan, I'm embarrassed

This is certainly no way to gain good graces with the baseball gods to break the World Series curse...

Grow Up

You don't always have to be a contrarian.
We are a nation of laws. If the federal govt. will not enforce their own laws we are fortunate enough that the founders of our republic saw fit to grant states rights to determine there own protective measures.

Neutrality and Profit

i'm amazed at the political maneuvering and rhetorical tautologies involved in making sports, let alone any recreational and otherwise event, an 'apolitical' occasion, from the construction of a stadium that displaces the poor, labor relations between athletes and management, or in this case, remaining mum about explicit racism for the sake of 'mass enjoyment' and private profit. sadly, for the majority of us, we have a culture in which, when we're told the illusion that 'this isn't the place for politics' it doesn't raise an eyebrow.

the next scariest thing to this bill is the ramifications it may have in other states, whether it be a measure of acknowledged neutrality for the sake of profit by business owners and consumers, or the states that will follow suit to tailor their own SB 1070's.

as to patrick, don't troll to be a contrarian. it's obvious what DZ's politics are, and that he would write about their applicability in the sports world does not a contrarian make.

p.s. patrick- we were a nation of laws just fifty years ago that prohibited whites and Blacks to share the same lunch counter.

Rovian tactics?

No, even Karl Rove has come out against this impossible-to-administer draconian law. What does that say about the supporters?

The unintended consequences are going to be the real story, such as boycotts as Dave has mentioned, big drops in tourism, and the massive shift of Latino votes to the Democratic candidates in future elections. Polls suggest that this shift could be enough to turf the incumbent Republican administration in Arizona.

patrick stacy

It was "legal" to lynch Blacks in the US at one time, and legal not to hire Jews, and legal for women not to vote. What we call legal is seldom in accord with justice. I go with what I believe to be right. I mean we are a nation that sells weapons to allies who tomorrow will most likely be characterized as enemies, a nation that adores violence; but it's legal to lock up the one smoking a peace pipe.

When law comes to resemble something remotely resonant with Universal Justice, then you can speak about law as if it holds real meaning. Using the word law is just a ruse to disguise your pro-authoritarian agendas.

Did Nazi Germany take Poland, Holland, Denamrk, Norway, France, etc., LEGALLY? Those in Nazi Germany said so. Roland Freisler, the Nazi judge, pleaded self defense, much as the Bush admin did.

Were said Nazis correct when they said 'we're a country of laws, and many Jews are here illegally, and we have every right to search anyone who looks vaguely Jewish to determine their immigration status.'

Actually, in the mid 30s many Germans who had 'Jewish' ethnographic features were being continually harassed, and this obviously worsened as time went on. Even Goebbels and Himmler had to be rather on the offensive as they looked anything but typically 'aryan' as opposed to, for example, Reinhard Heydrich, etc. Racists have a tough time applying to themselves the same standards they apply to others.

When a government is as corrupt as ours so clearly has shown itself to be, then just going along with "law" is not that much different than operating as the Nazi who claimed he was "just following orders." Orders issued by a corrupt state/establishment require being questioned.

rule of law

Apartheid? Give me a break. Arizona has passed a law that basically notes that the US government is not enforcing it's own laws so we will. Zirin and the bulk of the commentators here display total ignorance of the ramifications of open borders and our out of control welfare state. I'm going to the Cubs game today. I hope some of you left wing idiot protesters are there.

My, You Would Be Aghast at...

Canada or Western Europe if you legitimately think the US is an 'out of control welfare state,' Pat. And what, pray tell, are the ramifications of open borders and our leviathan of a welfare state, that Dave, the other 'lefty' commentators, and myself are so ignorant of, yet you so graciously announced your understanding of? I bid you, good sir, articulate your white man's insecurities, that we may laugh as hardily as you at the thought of us spilling lattés all over the recycled upholstery of our Prius's.

White Man's Insecurities??

Give me a break Justin
I AM a white man in this country. I've worked hard for everything I have, and I've managed to provide a good life for my family. I am also sick and tired of being disparaged everytime something doesn't go the way of a so-called "minority". This HAS NOTHING to do with race. Simply because latinos make up the largest percentage of illegal aliens doesn't make this about THEM. I don't care if you're white, black, blue, silver, brown or whatever. If you're in this country illegally, I want you OUT.
If you want to know the ramifications of open borders and our leviathan of a welfare state, OPEN YOUR EYES. Look at the funds and resources that illegal immigrants cost AZ. CA is facing bankruptcy. Look at the cost of illegal immigration in that state. If you want to take in illegal immigrants and support them, feel free. I'll bet you change your tune real fast when you're affected by it the way the LEGAL CITIZENS of AZ are. Phoenix is a city roughly 1/10 the size of NYC, with a crime rate that is similar to NYC. And statistics show that a VAST majority of those crimes are being committed by illegal immmigrants.

I'm not a Cubs fan, but I support their choice here.

Phantom Criminals, (The Ones We See and Think We See)

I apologize that this is in two pieces, but the SPAM filter is catching this response:

Don't equate CA's situation with that of AZ. CA is where they are because of the Tax Payers' Revolt in CA that resulted in the decimation of the state's income, (taxable money), while the state continued to spend at 'pre-Revolt' levels. CA had a real leviathan of a welfare state, from free higher ed to funds given out for home ownership. The end of both programs coincided with rising fear among whites about access by people of color; the decimation collided with the establishment of an ever-growing DOC, as well. The DOC in CA will actually be receiving more funding than the UC system by 2012. As of 2008, more Black males in CA are in prison than in higher ed. That is a matter of priorities; the state of CA has made their position abundantly clear, that spending beyond their means is only acceptable when it's put to the use of incapacitation.

As to NYC, the process of redlining and gentrification have effectively re-ghettoized the city, putting in place a system of stratified housing and life chances, access to any form of upward mobility. Since the city declared bankruptcy in the 1970s, monied interests have made it their business to annihilate all forms of social aid, such as the dismantling of the CUNY system, formerly open to all students from the city until the 1980s. Crime? The alignment of interests to the detriment of poor and working people has moved them outside of the city, to NJ, far Queens and Brooklyn, the outskirts of the Bronx, and the small pockets of resistance to Columbia's intrusion in Harlem. Crime has not decreased there, the conventional understandings of crime have only been pushed elsewhere. If I'm not mistaken, one of the worst crimes of the decade, the economic crises we find ourselves in the midst of, took place right there. But because those people aren't the conventional understanding of a criminal, that goes unnoticed.

Phantom Criminals, (The Ones We See and Think We See)


Since I'm no specialist on the history of Phoenix, I have only an assertion, and a question. Crime rate is roughly a 'per capita' index, not a 'real' measurement against two numbers, it's RELATIVE. And if the majority of crimes committed in the city of Phoenix are committed by illegals, then show me the proof.

Jim, you are not racist, I would suspect, but processes in the past that led to the current situation, from NAFTA to a corrupt Mexican government backed by US money interests that ensured the easiest labor laws to welcome US companies to pay poverty wages, and even further back in history to the bracero system, demand that we confront how race has shaped US/Mexican relations. This law begs us to forget history, to think individualistically, and to ignore the largest powers who profit from depressed wages; do not allow yourself to become more coal to stoke their engines.

Demagogue Dave Zirin: Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

The Arizona law will likely be found unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause, and the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. It's a terrible law, suitable for a police state.

However, you Demagogue Dave Zirin are a laughably hypocritical voice on this topic. You have no credibility to stand up for civil liberties.

You hypocritically censor Tim Tebow's right to free speech on abortion, yet you scream free speech when the Cubs censor free speech.

You take on the mantle of due process now, but you demogogically called the innocent Duke students (and now Roethlisberger) rapists based solely on initial police reports.

Voltaire said: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

However, you clearly subscribe to another Communist's views: "Power grows out of the barrel of a gun." -- Chairman Mao.

That's the funny thing about civil liberties Dave-- either everyone gets them, or no one is safe.

You simply have no credibility on civil liberties Demagogue Dave Zirin.

On the contrary...


Contrarian = anyone who disagrees with YOU, right?



Why don't you & DZ get a room already?

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