No One is Illegal: Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks

Gonna find a way

Make the state pay

Lookin’ for the day

Hard as it seems

This ain’t no damn dream

Gotta know what I mean

It’s team against team
—Public Enemy, By the Time I Get to Arizona

This will be the last column I write about the Arizona Diamondbacks in the foreseeable future. For me, they do not exist. They will continue to not exist in my mind as long as the horribly named “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act” remains law in Arizona. It's a law that has brought echoes of apartheid to the state.

One Democratic lawmaker has said that it has made Arizona a “laughingstock” but it’s difficult to find an ounce of humor in this kind of venal legislation. The law makes it a crime to walk the streets without clutching your passport, green card, visa, or state I.D. It not only empowers but absolutely requires cops to demand paperwork if they so much as suspect a person of being undocumented. A citizen can, in fact, sue any police officer they see not harassing suspected immigrants. The bill would also make it a class one misdemeanor for anyone to “pick up passengers for work” if their vehicle blocks traffic. And it makes a second violation of any aspect of the law a felony.

In response, Representative Raul Grijalva, who’s from Arizona itself, has called for a national boycott against the state, saying, “Do not vacation and or retire there.” He got so many hateful threats this week that he had to close his Arizona offices at noon on Friday.

Many of us aren’t in either the imminent vacation or retirement mode. We do, however, live in baseball cities where the Arizona Diamondbacks comes to play.

When they arrive in my hometown in D.C., my back will be turned, and my television will be off. This is not merely because they happen to be the team from Arizona. The D-backs organization is a primary funder of the state Republican Party, which has been driving the measure through the legislature.

As the official Arizona Diamondbacks boycott call states, “In 2010, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s third highest Contributor was the [executives of the] Arizona Diamondbacks, who gave $121,600; furthermore, they also contributed $129,500, which ranked as the eighteenth highest contribution to the Republican Party Committee.” The team’s big boss, Ken Kendrick, and his family members, E. G. Kendrick Sr. and Randy Kendrick, made contributions to the Republicans totaling a staggering $1,023,527. The Kendricks follow in the footsteps of team founder and former owner Jerry Colangelo. Colangelo, along with other baseball executives and ex-players, launched a group called Battin’ 1000: a national campaign that uses baseball memorabilia to raise funds for a Campus for Life, the largest anti-choice student network in the country. Colangelo was also deputy chair of Bush/Cheney 2004 in Arizona, and his deep pockets created what was called the Presidential Prayer Team—a private evangelical group that claims to have signed up more than 1 million people to drop to their knees and pray daily for Bush.

Under Colangelo, John McCain also owned a piece of the team. The former maverick said before the bill’s passage that he “understood” why it was being passed because “the drivers of cars with illegals in it [that] are intentionally causing accidents on the freeway.”

This is who the Arizona Diamondback executives are. This is the tradition they stand in.

The Diamondbacks’ owners have every right to their politics, and if we policed the political proclivities of every owner’s box there might not be anyone left to root for (except for the Green Bay Packers, who don’t have an owner’s box). But this is different. The law is an open invitation to racial profiling and harassment. The boycott call is coming from inside the state.

If the owners of the Diamondbacks want to underwrite an ugly edge of bigotry, we should raise our collective sporting fists against them. A boycott is also an expression of solidarity with Diamondback players such as Juan Guitterez, Gerardo Parra, and Rodrigo Lopez. They shouldn’t be put in a position where they’re cheered on the playing field and then asked for their papers when the uniform comes off.

[Dave Zirin is the author of the forthcoming “Bad Sports: How Owners are Ruining the Games we Love” (Scribner) Receive his column every week by emailing Contact him at]

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Green bay packers

The solution to so many of the problems you write about in the world of corporate sports Dave seems to be staring us right in the face. Why can't more ciyies do what the community of Green Bay has done and own there own sporting franchises. It seems so natural. That communities would want to invest in the teams they love, with profits going to schools, roads, and other nessecarry infastructure instead of to line the pockets of billionaire owners. I think that this kind of initiative could cross political spectrums and bring in people from all walks of life. I would like to start that kind of campaign here in new Orleans for city owner ship of the saints but don't know the legal nicities of where to begin. Do you know in groups that are active in these kinds of efforts else where that I could get in touch with?

Illegal means illegal.

So as a democracy the people do not have the right to control immigration? Workers' don't have the right to protect their jobs and wages against rapacious employers who pay immigrants pennies on the dollar? The feds won't enforce immigration laws because cheap labor is in big business' interest, so local gov'ts are forced to act. As a progressive, I see the left making a serious mistake on this issue. An overwhelming majority of Americans favor enforcement of immigration laws. Progressives are finding themselves at odds with working class Americans, and are smacks of anti-democratic elitism. If these illegals were coming here to be doctors and lawyers there would be little compassion for illegals among the professional liberal class.

I support you totally

and will promote this on my blog.

As for Harvey's excellent suggestion, unfortunately the NFL rules forbid any other city from doing the Green Bay thing. I've long supported the creation of community-based leagues for each sport ranging from pee wee to professional. By institutionalizing a few basics (players get paid from the gate and media revenues with this model extending all the way down to 18 year olds, drafts replaced by geographic signing priorities [you play where you live], etc.).

Sports have gotten to be as rotten as Wall Street, and for all the same reasons. If we could fix sports, there might be a chance of fixing our economy.

William's comments above..

This law will not solove the problem of illegal immigration. Desperate people will do whatever it takes to enter the United States in an attempt to suppor their families. All this law does is invite racial profiling.


Just how did Arizona become part of the U.S.? Stolen from Mexico Perhaps?


While I agree mark that community owned leauges would be the best situation I don't see them competeing with the corporate controlled monopolies in the near future. I think that attempting to bring the NFL to court on anti- trust grounds to force them to change the ownership rules might be a better way to begin. However cities have to step up first and ask to be included in ownership before there can be a taste case to bring into the federal court system. Will it work or is it even possible I don't know, I am not an attorney but I am hoping to create the demand from the public to change things, and then use that momentum to challenge the NFL's corporate dictatorship over a sport that I love. I know after the NFL's failed bid to own the phrase who dat and sue anyone who used it without paying them that there is a lot of populist anger here in new Orleans that can be used to demand change.
As for your comments Willam, your problem shouldn't be with immigration but with archaic unenforcable laws that create a pool of slave labor that elites use to undermine working class rights. Comprehensive imigration reform that brings people out of the shadows is the only answer. Not draconian laws that only serve to terrorize people who are powerless victims of a system they did nothing to create.

I'd say...

...the main focus should be on these folks doing the hiring of illegals. If Arizona and others are going this route, they need to do the whole process of immigration reform instead of cherry-picking.

Arizona and William, you truly don't get it.

So let me see if I understand; If, as an Arizona Law Enforcement Officer, I see someone wearing "clothes that could be indicative of an illegal" or acting with the "behavior of an illegal" I am supposed to ask them for "their papers", right? They "don't belong", therefore, I am to persecute, based on their "looks and how they act"? Exactly what constitutes, Illegal behavior and illegal attire? If I yell "La inmigración", and the person runs, or if they are on the street wearing a poncho and sombrero while taking a siesta, I'm supposed to "question their status"? Call it what it really is Arizona, and William. It is, as newbie said, Racial Profiling in its most simplistic form. You don't like "the brown people" unless they are mowing your yard, cleaning your pool or roofing your house. Otherwise, "Thay'r takin' ar jobs!!!" (that's my best redneck, racist voice).
Arizona and William, please stop pretending you are "for immigration reform" because all you're doing is showing how much of a bigot you really are. This "law" reeks of Nazi Hitler! What World War II movie have you ever seen that didn't use the phase "PAPERS! Papers Please! Ver ar your PAPERS?" It's precisely what they did in the 40's; question whether someone actually belonged, or not.
The fact that someone is in the US legally or otherwise, isn't the issue. The real issue is, you don't want "Blacks, Browns, Yellas," or any one else that doesn't look like a fat, old white man; in YOUR neighborhood. In fact, hiding behind the guise of "Immigration Reform" is little more than an embarrassment! You should be ashamed of your actions as a state and a person.
Zirin's article is only ONE of the MANY reasons the "D-Backs" should be boycotted!
You call yourself American, but this is certainly NOT what being American is all about. This country was founded on tolerance, and a Declaration that "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Unless my geography serves me wrong, the last time I looked Arizona, sad as it has become, is STILL part of these United States. Maybe you could start acting like it? I don't know, just a thought.

William's comment

what brand of progressivism is it that you support, nativism? supporting this legislation to coddle the working class smacks not only of elitism, but a dangerous tendency to blame the victim and vindicate the seriousness of criminality on the part of employers to both pay lower wages and respond to the presence of a desperate workforce by depressing wages across the board.

the legislation's sponsor, Russell Pearce was responding less to the plight of working class americans, than to the presence of 'illegals' who might kill someone or smuggle drugs. it's easier to pass a law like this when it appears that a politician is being tough on crime than openly racist. Pearce obviously envisions a white Arizona where it can be forgotten that AZ was once as brown as the earth.

like the recent mine collapse, government and its agencies on both the nation and state-wide level have proven their allegiances by the existence of laws and regulations that nominally protect working people, but are ultimately toothless. if you are under the impression that this law will be a safety net for AZ's workers, then the state legislature may want to start small and repeal the right to work laws, then move their way on up to lobbying the federal government to act on the free movement of capital that victimizes and exploits manufacturing and trading relationships like NAFTA. but that's just a hoop dream, i guess.


Shut up and play Baseball!!!!

We are NOT the world

The States are being forced to take up the responsibility of border control the Federal government refuse to fulfill. No one has the right to infringe on other people's rights. Just because you are a foreigner does not mean you have the right to break into the country and infringe on the rights of Americans in the name of your LaRaza "the race" racism or any other excuse.
(By the way, LaRaza's motto is all for the race and nothing for any outside the race.)

We have the drug war spilling over into our border states along with the kidnappings, murder and rape that accompany the "business." Dave is an obnoxious elitist snob spouting mindless race slogans from the political left. He could care less about Arizona or any other part of America.

The Republican Maverick caused the problems Arizona and the other border states now suffer as he advocated against the Federal government protecting our borders. On this I agree with Dave: throw him out of power. He has American blood on his hands.


If I wasn't forced to take a paycut earlier this year, I'd buy tickets and I don't even live in Az. BTW, good move on Arizona dropping the permit requirement for conceal carry. You guys freakin' rock!

It's always interesting to me how the people.....

Who claim the constitution is being torn to shreds by the Democrats' watered down Health Care bill, and who constantly fear that their guns are going to be taken away (without any actual proof) are totally okay with law enforcement stopping people on the street because they're brown.

And sorry folks, but not every hispanic is here illegally. So you're talking about American citizens being stopped on the street, and questioned because of the color of their skin.

Because Illegal immigration is ruining this country!!!!! (without any proof of that)

On the other hand,

I now have teams to root for. I already like the DBacks, so now I'll root for the Suns and Cardinals as well. Keep your politics out of my sports.

On the other hand,

I now have teams to root for. I already like the DBacks, so now I'll root for the Suns and Cardinals as well. Keep your politics out of my sports.

relocating out of AZ

@Diamondbacks Supporter you are right, 70% of AZ support the law ... a majority of AZ also believe that the law will infringe on civil rights of U.S. Citizens ... kudos AZ on being filled with racists.

Chance for Study

I don't see why everyone is so upset when this will at last settle the immigration debate. If everyone behaves as they normally would have otherwise we will get to study both sides of the illegal immigration debate. Open border types like GW Bush tell us that that the illegals take jobs Americans won't do and add money to our economy.

So we should study Arizona and see if the coming years brings massive unemployment as jobs go unfilled because lazy American workers won't do them, or if it drops because Americans have more opportunity.

We can also watch the cost of public services and government; if illegals don't put a drain on these things we should see the cost of them stay the same or go up.

If you boycott the state you might skew the numbers and mess up a chance to learn important information.

Meanwhile the other western states are still ignoring the issue so you can compare there quality of life with Arizona's. Since immigrants are hard working and not at all disproportionately criminal then Arizona's crime rate should rise well above that of say California's.

The only thing I can't figure out is if Mexicans really are so hard working and honest why is Mexico such a corrupt crap hole?

It'll end soon

Just wait until one of the Diamondbacks' Hispanic players is stopped by police under this law; the owners will duly raise a hissy.

William's Comment

"Workers' don't have the right to protect their jobs and wages against rapacious employers who pay immigrants pennies on the dollar?"

If you want to protect jobs and wages why do we allow capital free movement but not people? Perhaps that's what we should be protesting.

I remember during the runup to NAFTA the labor relations board put out a study showing that if NAFTA was passed there would be an increasing wealth divide in Mexico and the US, more drugs and drug violence, and, wait for it... massive floods of economic refugees into the US.

Hmm... Those leftys don't know a thing...

I'm sure baseball is worried.

So you won't watch when they come to DC? That will teach them. Way to take a stand, so heroic. Judging by the Nationals under 20k/game attendance I'd say your boycott has been going on for awhile now. What did the Nats do to you?


You're not going to write about the D-Backs anymore? NO!!! Please, do what is right and holy and don't deny the world any further columns. Or should I take up arms against the state of Arizona? Whatever it takes. Please, please, please don't put your keyboard away. The world needs you.

above posters

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -Gandhi

above posters

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -Gandhi

Seems we're in the second stage already, great job Dave!

Complete lack of logic

Let me get this straight. I should turn off SNY when the D-backs play the Mets? And this would hurt them how?


Let's get this straight...

You are against the people of Arizona for creating a law that has the potential to relieve overcrowded schools, prisons, lower violent crime, lower taxes for law abiding citizens and save the state millions in the process. A law that would not be necessary if the federal government enforced a law that is already in the books. To sum up you are dumb ass!!!!

Yeah, but...

Agree with the sentiment, but were the DBacks even worth writing about to begin with?

If no one writes about the Diamondbacks

in a forest will it make a sound?

How will I

sleep tonight knowing you won't be writing anymore? I hope 10 illegals move into your backyard, They are destroying this country.

How thin is the air up on your soapbox?

As to your decision to refuse to write about the D'Backs because of your disagreement with a law enacted by the Arizona Legislature, I offer you the the standard liberal response give to those with whom liberals disagree:
[ waves hand condescendingly ]
"Bah! You are stupid because you don't share my views on this topic."

That is some serious backlash

Rep. Raul Grijalva got so much heat for his comments that he had to skip out of work at noon on a Friday!


Folks - thanks for the comments, and yes: me not going to a Nationals game won't make a lick of difference. But people even debating the issue of boycotting the D-backs? On Deadspin? On Huff Post? In the Progressive? The near 400 comments on the Baseball Think Factory blog? It's about starting a discussion. It's about nationalizing a so called "state issue." And it's about fighting a law endorsed by Sherrif Joe and Lou Dobbs. Anyone who wants to stand with them, be my guest.


This argument is ridiculous. Just because the Diamondbacks supports the state Republican Party -- most professional organizations generally give to the right-wingers -- doesn't mean that the organization or the owners supports this measure. Most countries in the world have laws similar to this.

Just because it is the law doesn't make it just.

As a descendant of African slaves my people came here legally and were legally suppressed and terrorized by government all the way in to the 20th century. Immigrants are here for the same reason that African slaves were here in days passed, to provide cheap labor and maximize profit. These laws have less to do with immigration and more to remind black and brown people of their place as second class in this society.

Immigration reform(?) a la Arizona's racists

I find it very interesting as an immigrant myself, that I never experienced this kind of attitude. Of course the big difference between me and the people this law is aimed is that I am a white female who hails originally from England and consequently has no language or color issues. For a country formed by immigrants we should be embarassed. I am, because I chose to become a citizen of this country, not by an accident of birth.


Anyone who read this convaluted drivel and paused to wonder if this guy has a point, just read the first four words of the title of the article, "No one is illegal." If you believe that a country not only can but should be able to protect their own borders, you don't agree with this guy.

To compare this law to apartheid is offensive and doesn't hold water.

LOL @ several comments, especially "What did the Nats do to you?"

"Illegal means illegal"

I'd like to ask the "we only hate ILLEGAL immigrants, legal ones are fine" if they've ever seen the process for immigrating to the US from Latin America these days.
Most so-called "illegal immigrants" came here legally and the ridiculously complicated system fell behind. They're basically the equal to us having a drivers license that expired, except you have 20 forms to fill out, in a different language, to get your DL. Some "criminals."
And the radical right scuttles EVERY attempt to make the system more reasonable, any reform at all gets killed. So this is NOT about "illegal means illegal" it truly is racism and loathing of ALL immigrants from Latin America, married to the insanely selfish "Oh, poor me, I have to press 1 for English" crowd. Yes, how gruelling pushing that button is.
unless one is full blood American Indian (I'm just a part Cherokee) the bitching is insanely hypocritical. Our ancestors didn't have to carry cards and fill out a thousand forms and wait 7 years and stand in line and so forth; unless they had a dread disease or were anarchists (so much for freedom) they were allowed in, the process took a few minutes and they were Americans for life.

Sign me up for my tickets!!

I can't wait to support Arizona and their new law. Finally, we have someone listening to the people of this country and acting on it. Go to and see the poll where 70% of the people support this bill. I'm now a D'backs, Suns, Cardinals and Coyotes fan!!!!!!

You're taking your ball and going home!

Hey, Dave. When you were writing this, did you bang your hands on the keyboard, stomp your feet really hard, and mutter under your breath that Ken Kendrick is a giant poopy-head?

Thanks for starting/continuing the discussion

As a native Arizonan, I'm grateful for your shedding light on this issue. Immigration is complex and deeply misunderstood, and at the root of this law is, simply, fear. Legislated fear opens the door to racist actions. This law gives policemen the right, even the duty, to treat people differently based on their skin color. It's not right, and it will do nothing to benefit Arizona, save jobs for citizens, or secure the border. It might fuel national immigration reform; one can hope.

Readers interested in AZ/Mexico border issues and beautiful writing might want to read Devil's Highway, by Luis Alberto Urrea.

on board 100%

I'm not buying tickets to Diamondbacks games or watching them on TV.

Many of the comments above betray an ignorance (widely shared) about the factors that drive immigration, as well as the consequences of immigration. Why on earth should we penalize anyone who endures great hardship to provide for themselves and their families? Secondly, NO ONE can tell me that the crime of lacking documents hurts citizens any more than, say, the completely legal payment of poverty wages to millions of citizens while corporations get richer than ever. This scapegoating has to stop so we can focus on real enemies, like the fat cats who drove our entire economy into a depression.

Arizona D-bags

The absurdity of this law is it allows law enforcement "professionals" discretion on who to harass. It does little to address the problem.

My solution:

Everyone in AZ volunteer weekends while you put up a "barrier wall" at your border (just like Israel minus the land grab) get Texas/New Mexico, CA to sign on...problem solved.

-full disclosure I'm in the midwest this issue doesn't effect me oh and we have water.


Why not boycott all teams that train in Arizona. If you look at the donor lists, chances are the owners (controlling and otherwise) of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Oakland, San Francisco, Texas, both Chicago teams, San Diego, and Los Angeles have also made donations to the Republicans. The Latinos who play minor league baseball in AZ are more likely to be hassled than big leaguers.

@Darren Hellwege

"Our ancestors didn't have to carry cards and fill out a thousand forms and wait 7 years and stand in line and so forth;"

A blanket full of small pox was enough.


We need to boycott you Dave!
This is my first time here, and also the last!

Illegal IS Illegal!

It's obvious that you do NOT live in either Arizona or my used-to-be-great state of Ilinois! Where do you and your illegal-immigrant sympathizers get the audacity to question the laws of this that has for too long allowed illegals to run amuck and flaunt our laws. How would you feel if your mother, father or sibling was murdered either intentionally or by way of a car accident, by someone, regardless of race, whom was in this country and should NOT have been?! I'd like to see your column after that illegal individual had been deported back to their country of origin and released. Yes, AZ's law has questions that need to be answered, but it's intent is good and I really hope we get something similar here in IL. Dems and Repubs have done NOTHING to address this situation (that's why I'm an Independent) and it's high time for the states to take matters into their own hands. Play by the rules/laws, or DO NOT COME!

Immigration law

Right on! I am Native American and and live in AZ and find this law racist and also would profile me and find it ironic since my ancestors have been here for thousands of years. I will no longer support any organization that has connections to the Republican party.

Xenophobia Is a Form of Bigotry, Too, Mark

Mark asks: "How would you feel if your mother, father or sibling was murdered either intentionally or by way of a car accident, by someone, regardless of race, whom was in this country and should NOT have been?!"

I turn the question back to you: how would you feel if your relative was killed intentionally or by car accident by someone who is a citizen and then gets a punishment you see unfit?

Do you like that if anyone, regardless of citizenship, can be held in prison for up to six months for failing to produce identity papers?

Your argument is a straw-man, as is your supremely ignorant reasoning that no one can question the laws of 'this country.' First off, I believe this law is only in Arizona, in addition to the fact that it flaunts you know, that supreme document for righties, the Constitution, as it flies in the face of the Fourth Amendment. You've obviously got an ax to grind, but you're not sharp enough to do it yourself.

Delusional reactionary yellow journalism

As with most reactionaries it appears that you've take a tiny bit of information and extrapolated to the ridiculous in your mind. Have you actually read the bill that has caused such a hormonal response in you? You don't live there and 70% of the people who do are in favor of it. As long as it's not found to be un-Constitutional why don't you just deal with it? (sort of the typical liberal attitude when addressing conservative outrage). Now that you mention it, a boycott is in order. We should boycott ALL organized sports...and the rags that suck on that teat. They add nothing to our quality of life, encourage gambling and alcohol abuse, feed off of public monies to build their stadiums and infrastructure, encourage and reward abhorrent behavior and ignorance in any douchebag that can run or jump or throw or hit a ball. Yeah...the professional baseball team is the problem. How about the Federal gubmint's responsibility to protect our borders? Where's your boycott of all things from Illinois, since that's where our latest and greatest messiah is from? How about a Texas boycott, since Bush didn't do squat either? Not so brash now huh big of mouth and small of brain. Read the friggin' bill before you loose your tampon next time.
So whose gonna publish your book? I can't wait to stage a protest outside of any bookstore that sells books by your publisher...just 'cuz I don't care for your opine. How'd you like it you self righteous dolt?
Check your premise well before you get all emotional and jump on the moral indignation train. You just end up looking and sounding like a shrill braying ass. Loved the MSNBC screech. Jeezuz, what a little girl! And this coming from a guy (you are a guy aren't you?) who lives in one of the most rotten cities in the country, where law abiding citizens can and have had their door kicked in for owning a gun (like the idiotic dogma.?..should sound familiar). How 'bout you clean your own toilet, which BTW is over run with illegal excrement, before you start worrying about boycotts on the other side of the country and trying to secure your couple of minutes of infamy. Check out the gang action in Arlington and Alexandria before you insert both feet in mouth again. Where's your moral outrage over the Washington politicos that exploit illegals for domestic help and landscaping every day of the year? You have an illegal or two of your own no doubt. Ever notice how many "un-documented workers" serve hotdogs and beer around D.C. sporting events? How many restaurants and carry-outs do you frequent that exploit these very same people that you're so worked up about. Try walking by one of the jack boots that guard the Capital with out I.D. and see how upsetting a real police state feels. And as for boycotts of business interests that contribute to causes that you don't like or differ about a nationwide boycott of any hack wanna be writers that decide that they want to become social activists to help them shill a book? How scummy is that?




There is no crying in baseball

Your opinion does not make any sense. The Diamondbacks had nothing to do with the passage of this bill. The people you should be targeting are right in the same city as you. The federal government has done nothing to fix the illegal immigration problem. People of Arizona are tired of the illegals draining our resources and lowering our wages. Get a clue.


Its obvious most of you have not even read the law. including Zirin

the law says

"For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of this state or a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation. "

very reasonable

law also says

"A law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may not solely consider race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this subsection except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution. "

the law is very reasonable and legal.

No one required to carry papers, no one can be arrested for not having papers etc..
So much just out right lies and half truths spread by people like Zirin

The fact the opponents fo this law have to spread so many lies and half truths about deystroys their argument.

Support Arizona and Support US Citizens!

There is nothing wrong with this new law. It is not racist nor should Arizona be boycotted. The law specifically states that action can only be taken if it is in connection to another action, such as a traffic stop. To say that the police will just be going around asking anyone with darker skin for their "papers" is false. This law is merely giving the local authorities the ability to enforce current FEDERAL law. I have seen it said that this law "makes illegal immigrants a state crime". Hmm...illegal immigrants, meaning they are already breaking laws! I am for immigration, legal immigration. If people want to come here, do it legally and seek citizenship...legally! The illegal immigration problem is having a negative economic impact, a negative environmental impact, a negative impact on social safety. Arizona has shown they are going to take this problem serious and take the steps to enforce the federal laws against ILLEGAL immigrants, not legal ones. Oh and for Newbie who said that AZ was stolen from Mexico. Why don't you then go ahead and support whatever state you are from being given back to whomever it was "stolen" from.

William's comment

So... it's about protecting workers and fair wages? Last I looked, Arizona was a "right-to-work" state, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Why not address fair wages and worker's security by allowing unions? or by empowering workers in some other way? Do you REALLY believe you protect any workers by criminalizing and victimizing another portion of the population? Are you really deluded enough to think of yourself as a "progressive"? "Progressive" WHAT? progressive-ly slipping into nazism and fascism? How long untill they make YOU wear a yellow star?


As a so called "brown" person, I am all for this legislation. Here I am spending tens of thousands of dollars to come and live in the US for the right to thrive in the best country in the world, and people who can not obey the law (illegals for you democrats) get a free pass into the country. Breaking the law is breaking the law. The illegal aliens are ALREADY breaking the law. I live in San Diego and am already planning a weekend trip to AZ in the next couple of weeks.

Going to my first Dbacks game!

I don't like baseball and couldn't name anyone on the Dbacks, but to counter Dave's ridiculous comments and ideas I'm taking my girlfriend and her daughter to a Dbacks game. My question for you is, Will the Hispanic players get to play by different rules than the black and white guys out there? Everyone has to play by the same rules. Illegal means illegal.

Jorge, Don't Spread Lies

Jorge, since you are so convinced that the bill is harmless and only implementing existing federal legislation, I will provide you with text to refute your claims, the same as you cited, as it's obvious that reading comprehension isn't your strong suit:

You assert that people cannot be pulled over or required to carry documents. The bill states that, "FOR ANY LAWFUL CONTACT MADE BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL OR A LAW

You can tell me it is reasonable and fair, but how do you prove, within reasonable doubt, that someone is here illegally without trafficking in the territory of racial profiling?

And you seem to have only read the initial paragraphs of the bill. The real juicy bits are the middle and the end, wherein it stipulates that citizens may SUE a police department for not enforcing immigration law and that their legal fees will be paid back upon a guilty verdict. Given that this law was written by members of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, a group who makes money from prosecuting police departments for these same transgressions, then the monied interests further muddy the 'clean' hands of Russell Pierce. This is nearly a funnel into the hands of FAIR.

And I ask you justin #2, if you don't seem to have your license on you, are you okay with spending time in a holding cell until your identity is proven?

The ground to hold a conversation about why the process of making humans illegal is already burnt by those of you who resort more towards ad hominems directed at DZ, (such as Jaime, David Albino, or jb), or better yet, ahistorical discourses that further victimize people over processes and structures beyond their control, obfuscating the real hands of power, (jb and Jonathan again, and Knuckledragger). Any of you who seek to legitimate the passage of this legislation because 70% of the state's citizens support it, I juxtapose the coincidence of Southern apartheid, of Jim Crow to you. Because Jim Crow was affirmed in elections of Southern Democrats, were the laws any less despicable? Because Black and white activists from the North lived therein, were their opinions towards Jim Crow any less legitimate? Did standing up to Jim Crow laws even though resistance was illegal, make those acts of solidarity any less moral? Your attempts to make this only a statewide issue, that only you can speak on as Arizonans, hides a cruel historical lesson of state-sponsored racism upheld by the pitchforks and torches of the majority.

Those who support this law as well cite the incidence of crime: is crime actually any worse because of illegal immigration, or as it seems to me, the prevalence of crime is equal among both categories of legal and illegal immigrants? The tendency to scapegoat whole groups of people because of the crimes of a few, what prison activist and scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore has described as the Horrible Tenth, either proves the inability of supporters to think through the sensationalism of the nightly news to make judgements that reflect the seriousness and actual prevalence of crimes, or worse, is a shallow disguise for deep-seeded racism.


Mr. Zirin:

You sir, are a royal douche.

illegal immigration

As a son of a legal immigrant from Mexico who came here some 50 years ago to make a better life for himself and his wife I am in complete support of the Arizona Law. It is time we as a country stop being scared of inforcing our laws and start thinking about the citizens of this country first. What must happen first the schools get crowded with kids that we have to fill them with 35-40 kids in the class room. LA unified has a over 50% of its latinos kids mostly illegal aliens drop out and cannot read, drugs run rampant through our borders, and police and citizens being murdered by the illegal aliens and drug carries. OH wait all this happened already and now we finally stand up for ourselves and we are outraged. Give me a break. Illegal is illegal and if that means when they individuals are detained and a background check in done and they are illegal guess what you ship them back. These individuals have now constitutional rights to our laws as they are MEXICAN CITIZENS. Please get that through your heads.

Self loathing

Jonathan Valdez, Jorge, Tostado & the "brown" Justin:

Either you guys are cought up in a terrible case of mob mentality, or are the victims of tremendous self-loathing. Whether this law is racist or not is not in question: it is, beyond the shadow of a doubt.
What is in question is where it will lead to. Repressive measures such as this one rarely are an end unto themselves. Rather, frequently they are the first step of something larger. Isolate one group, make them scapegoats. That makes it easier... gets the ball rolling... set the groundwork. Later expand. maybe expand to some other, easy-to-pick on group of "undesirables".

You may feel secure now, being "legal", second generation or otherwise. But in truth, you are never far away from being the victim of injustice, You may be too busy cheering on the injustice commited upon others to see it coming your way.
We need not transport ourselves to nazi Germany to see examples of this, nor to aparthaid South Africa. The Jim Crow south gives us a painfully recent example of this within our own borders. The internment of the japanese-americans in concentration camps gives us another. Go on, cheer on the injustice and abuse of "them". But don't get to feel too secure... the next roll of the ball, "them" may just turn out to be you. Second Generation "legal" or not.


I... did not ask him.
But I'm rather certain that Mr. Zirin gets "the audacity to question the laws of this country" the same place that I get it: from the Constitution, from the Bill of Rights and from The Declaration of Independence, among other places.
You sound like the sort that clings to the law when it suits you, but otherwise run into the woods with your white-supremacist militias to plot the overthrow of the federal government and its socialist regime.
Would seem to me that THAT is illegal... and a much grater threat to the U.S. than people who come here to do the work that no one else will do.
Where the undocumented aliens the ones who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City? The ones that flew a plane into the IRS building in Texas? The ones that murder doctors and blow up clinics that don't follow their "moral" code? Those, performed by right-wing nuts were illegal actions. Seems to me that you right-wing nut cases are a much greater threat to this country and it's stability than all of the undocumented aliens put together. Since illegal is illegal, maybe you guys should be rounded up...


Wow, I've always thought of Arizona as a big old sandy kitty litter box out somewhere where old folks go to wait to die. But now I realize, it's a big old redneck racist kitty litter box where old folks go to wait to die. Thanks for clearing that up!
This "law" is about as un-American and fascistic as it can possibly be, anyone who can possibly be "proud" of this abomination needs to go back and finish high school.

Proud of Arizona

This is a state that gets it. I'm now considering making a trip to Denver when the Diamondbacks play the Rockies and supporting them just because they're from Arizona. Though I don't live there, I'm a Cardinals fan in football, and I've never been prouder to have that ARIZONA attached to their name. Arizona should be applauded, not condemned.

If MLB pulls the All-Star Game out of Phoenix, I will treat it like you treat the Diamondbacks: I will boycott the 2011 All-Star Game. Phoenix, or nowhere.


If you don't live in Arizona, then you don't understand the situation. The state's biggest problems - drugs, kidnapping, guns, education - are directly attributable to illegal immigration. The harder it is for illegals to get in, and stay in, the better it is for Arizonan's. The state will be much, much better off once this passes. You know what drains an economy? 500,000 people not paying income tax, 500,000 people reducing local circulation of money in favor of sending it to Mexico, 1/3 of the jails being filled with illegals, and the percentage of children who's education is negatively impacted because of the stunted bilingual learning curve. All of the left wing zealots who don't live in Arizona or anywhere near a border state, please, ask a hispanic if they support this bill. Ask them if they want open borders. Ask them if they feel their children are safe in Southwest Phoenix. Ask them if they feel safe driving through Little Mexico. Ask them if they feel their children are impacted by the number of illegal immigrants filling up classrooms all over the Valley. Leaving something like this, which is so completely dependent on state officials, to be solved at the hands of some Washington lackeys is utterly absurd and completely nonsensical.


Just the term "illegals" is offensive right wing bull being generated by the hate mongers at Faux News or whomever your chosen purveyors of lies is this week.
This issue has nothing to do with "open borders", more right wing bull. It's all about giving the police the right, no, the duty to shake down anybody who isn't a fat white guy in a golf shirt.
And don't dare tell me about what drains an economy, I'm from the midwest, what drains an economy is irresponsible billion dollar corporations closing factories, putting Americans out of work, moving the factories to Mexico and paying the un-unionized locals, their wives and children slave wages to make your flat screen tv's and light bulbs, so they are forced risk their lives and jump our borders just to survive. Tell me, who do you really think wants to leave their homes and risk their lives for a job? The concept doesn't even make any sense.
Then your CEO's and hedge fund managers can go down to your kitty litter state and golf in the sun until they are inconvenienced by actually having to talk to the brown person who rakes their sand, I mean, cuts their lawn.
So, if 70% of you morons down there are in favor of this law, you can have your crap state. In fact, why don't you secede, in about 2 weeks you'll all be speaking the "es-span-yolee".

Even more interesting

Even more interesting, you have what is basically wingnut paradise to the south - weak central government, little to no regulation, free market lassaiz faire.
To the north we have this hellhole, Canada - strong central government, regulations and taxes out the wazoo, very relaxed immigration policies, with a much longer border. I am from a border state, dumbass, Ohio. And oddly enough, we don't have the northern border states whining about people clawing their into Buffalo, or Detroit, Huh, what up with dat?
Go ahead and say it, I know you're dying to, "that's different". How's it different, oh I know, it's killing you, "because they're, you know, they're Mexicans, they're brown".


"stunted bilingual learning curve..."
WTF are you making that up from??? Every educational study ever done shows that learning a second language improves performance across the board. It makes you smarter in general.
(Light bulb) Oh, now I see why wingnuts resist speaking Spanish.

@Noxodas on 4/29/10 at 10:24 AM

"Whether this law is racist or not is not in question: it is, beyond the shadow of a doubt."

LMAO. That defense didn't work for the Global Warming crowd and it won't work here. Instead of casting aspersions on those of us who are not as enlightened as you, prove your claim. If there isn't a shadow of a doubt that this a racist law it should be very simple for you point to the portion of it that makes it racist. Prove it.

@Gavin Volaire

Although I understand where you are coming from, that being the premise that it is very likely that you and I will be in opposing viewpoints in most issues, with myself being towards the center of whereever it is that you stand on any given issue, let's not confuse the issues here. We are not talking global warming here, and the merits of the viewpoints thereof. We are talking a racist law that purports to defend workers when it does not, that purports to defend the nation when it does not, and makes criminals of people who by and large are not.
Do I cast aspersions on those who defend that law? Not as long as those who defend it are the most likely people to run into the woods with their white supremacist militias, I'm not...

You enjoin me to prove that the law is racist.
I will now challenge you to prove that the supporters of the law are not more likely to run with white supremacist militias than those who oppose it.
As my proof that the law is racist, I will sit back and wait for the supreme court to pronounce itself on the matter. Don't worry, it will... as the resolution of one or another of the many challenges to this law, it will...
You, on the other hand, will have to root out the white supremacist militias among those who oppose the law. Then you will have proven that I am wrong, and therefore am casting aspersions when I state that you right wing nutcases will cling to the law when it suits you, and are more likely to run into the woods with your white supremacist militias to plot the overthrow of the federal goverment.


While I appreciate your opinion, and the opportunity you present to folks to "discuss" this, I couldn't disagree with you more. We have immigration laws, and I will vocally support ANYONE who has entered this country LEGALLY. This law is about those people who have not entered this country legally. My opinion is that they have no rights guaranteed to them under our Constitution because that Consititution is the Constitution of the UNITED STATES, guaranteeing the Rights of our, that's right, OUR citizens.
To those of you who claim the law is racist, you obviously have your own opinion of what a "lawful contact" is. There's no sense in arguing with you, because you've already determined in your mind that AZ police ARE racist. That offends me, as I'm certain it would offend any officer in AZ (which I'm not, BTW) If they have a LAWFUL REASON to make contact, they should idenitfy that person. It is only common sense that when you're dealing with a person, you know who that person is. Skin color is irrelevant. If you're stopped for a traffic violation, you should have a driver's license. If you're stopped because there is reasonable suspicion you've committed a crime, guess what? You're not going anywhere until you've been identified to the satisfaction of the police officer involved. Apparently, that is racist to some of you.I'm sure your next argument will be that "there are racist cops." I agree, there are. But whereas you seem to think it is the majority of cops, I think it just the other way. The highest percentage of police officers are hard working men and women who treasure the Rights and Freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. They are all maligned when you speak of this law as "racist", because you assume that law enforcement will abuse it. When that happens, hold the individuals responsible for it, not the entire law enforcement community.


Brainless accusations and ad hominem attacks do not prove your bogus claim. If this is the best you can do, you may as well salvage what little credibility you have left and admit you got nothing.

I'll bet food stamps to dollars the Supreme Court will not declare this a racist law. But even if they did, why can't you simply back up your own claim right now?

You said this is a racist law beyond a shadow of a doubt and when I challenged you to support that moronic claim, you fell flat on your face. You tried to dodge it by asking me to disprove some idiotic claim that I never made, only you made it. An idiotic claim that has nothing to do with the law itself or with your baseless claim that it is racist.

Prove your offensive claim or pipe down. Next time you want everyone to know what a bigoted moron you are, can you at least use fewer words?

@Gavin Volaire

Whoooaa, thar, Nelly!!!

I thruly admire your attempt at the BS... and the double talk.
"The best defense is a good offense" and all that crap.
Now you try to turn the tables on me, and it turns out (according to you, that is) that I am the bigoted moron... wow. Truly masterful BS.
But I stand by what I have written. And what I have written stands by me. What you have written reveals you for what you are, as well. You are the one deffending a bigoted law, not I. I am the one speaking out against a racist bigoted law, not you. So don't try your Sara Palin-ish attempt at BS and double talk on me. It did not and does not work for her, it won't work for you. The bigotted moron here is you.

Noxodas = still got nothing?

So now you're just going to repeat everything I say?

There is no BS or double talk on my part. You are a bigot. You label supporters of this bill as white supremacists. You say it is an absolute certainty that this bill is a racist bill but you cannot offer even a hint as to why you say that. It's not even open to debate in your narrow minded view, yet you are not even willing to provide a single element of a defense.

Personally, I think you did the right thing by not attempting to defend your bogus, offensive claim. With every word, you embarrass yourself further.

Just an empty boy-who-cried-wolf claim of racism where there is none.

@Gavin Volaire

You got it bud...
I will repeat myself.
And I will continue painting you right-wing nut cases for what you are.
No amount of doubletalk and attempts to turn the tables on me will change that.
The law is racist. You are a racist bigot.
I am certain that the supreme court will overturn this law due to its unconstitutionality and it's racist overtones.
You can continue trying to turn the tables on me... but don't waste your time. it will not work. Why don't you just run into the woods with your militias and continue plotting to overthrow the government? Ran out of rental planes to fly into federal buildings?


LMAO. Who are you, Kahne West? Admit it, you think Kahne was courageous for revealing George Bush's hatred for black people....

Is that doubt I see creeping in? Suddenly the SCOTUS is merely going to find the law has "racial overtones" rather than finding racism "beyond the shadow of a doubt?" In fact, why would they bother debating at all? They'll probably just call you and see what you think, Kahne.

If we were boxing, the refs would have stopped the fight. They would have asked you a simple question like “What racism are you talking about, Kahne?” And when they heard your endlessly babbling drivel, they would have had mercy on you and stopped the pummeling.

You're a bitter, angry little fellow, plain to see. Calling me a bunch of unwarranted names only shows you to be the offensive, emotional, pointless tool you are, Kahne.

Racism fail.

Back to basics.

@Gavin Volaire

Yet again you try to divert the topic of this discussion toward something else that has nothing to do with it. This is not about me, or who I might be. This is not about global warming. This is about Arizona law SB1070 and its unconstitutionality and its racist nature.

Is SB1070 unconstitutional? According to Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican, S. Carolina) it is.
Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Republican, Florida ) says it is unconstitutional.
Florida Speaker Marco Rubio, republican who is now vieing for a spot in the U.S. Congress, and a darling of the tea party crowd has said it is. According to Rubio, this law “could also unreasonably single out people who are here legally, including many American citizens.” (...ummm... in other words, racial profiling... the law is racist.)
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush opposes this law.
Karl Rove has said about SB1070 that he "has problems" with it!!
That, from the republican and "tea party" people.

Arizona Gov. Brewer just signed HB 2162 which modifies and takes out some of the more blatant language out of the original bill.

Attorney General Eric Holder has said that the law could be abused and that the Justice Department and Homeland Security would be taking a close look at this law.
So, Yeah... I think I am keeping pretty good company when I say that the law is unconstitutional and that it is likely that the Supreme Court will look into it and is likely to find it to be Unconstitutional.

Is SB1070 racist? The vague language used to define to whom this law applies and the methods by which the police should determine who is an "illegal alien" lends itself to be carried out in a manner in which a particular segment of the population is likely to be singled out to be unreasonably harassed. That is racism.
That makes it a racist law. That makes anyone who supports it a racist.
That makes you a racist bigot. Much the sadder for it, you actually appear to have a brain in you...

Nox, Nox, Nox

Your problem is that you are too stupid to comprehend what you read. You see resistance and then have to make huge assumptions about the person challenging your BS in order to deal with them. You've got me wearing hoods at KKK rallies and flying airplanes into buildings in order to make yourself feel better -- I'm easily dismissed if you convince yourself I'm some ultra-radical racist and bigot. I have not made a single racist or bigoted comment, unlike you. You even have me supporting the bill, which I have not done.

All I've said is your claim that this is beyond a shadow of a doubt a racist bill is bogus. And all of your many many many words on the subject only shed light on how right I am. There is plenty of doubt. Dick Cheney's concerns do not equal proof of racism. Nor do Graham's or Rubio's comments. Nor does the possibility that the bill may one day be considered unconstitutional.

What "blatant language" was removed that proves this bill is beyond question a racist bill?

The vague language you mention at the end of this rant does not prove racism -- quite the opposite in fact -- it is independent of race, you jackass. Do you even know the definition of racism? Cause you got it all wrong before concluding everyone around you is a racist as you slammed the door and walked out. Gotta love the internets, where victims like you can spout off with whatever pathetic lies and accusations they want, tucked away safely behind some IP address.

You have proven nothing, especially your extremist claims. Keep trying if you want but it's getting a little old seeing you make unfounded accusations and tossing around insults. Why do I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of you?


@Gavin Volaire

Disqualify me if it makes you feel better.
But as I said, it is not about me. It's about SB1070. What I am, who I am is not at issue. The nature of this law is at issue.
It is unconstitutional. It is racist. Attacking me won't change that... I am not what makes this law racist or unconstitutional, nor am I the only one that sees it that way or expresses that point of view.
You don't defend this law? Then why attack me because I express opposition to it?
You are just giving us some more backpeddaling BS and doubletalk... more Sara Palin-isms.
By the way,
Burning your KKK hood or throwing it by the wayside won't change your nature, either.

you done, nox?

So I guess that's game over then? You zero; me all points available? Way to represent, low-life scumbag bigot.

He he he...

@Gavin Volaire

Actually, I was unaware I was playing a game for points. Your boxing analogy should have given me a clue... My bad... (as I used to acknowledge back when I was on the volleyball court). Take all the points... I wasn't playing for them anyway. Take your ball and go home and sulk, as well.

I was merely giving my opinion on SB1070, a racist, unconstitutional law.

I will point out, though, how your argument degenerated. You started out with somewhat intelligent rethoric, I must say. But I guess I must have hit a painful sorepoint somewhere along the way... I guess right about when I pointed out that so many of your heroes had expressed positions and opinions on SB1070 that where more aligned with my own expressed opinions.
Right about then your up-to-then somewhat intelligent reasoning ran out of steam... well, to be fair, you showed some fatigue before that. Yep... "Kahne West"... "bitter, angry little fellow"... humph... criticize me for calling you members of white supremacist militias, then fall on name calling and insults. Don't you know that you should rise above that which you criticize, otherwise you are just another sorry, sad hypocrit?

But you continued true to hypocritical form (now, there is an oxymoron)... tried to make ME the bigoted racist! ...and regaled us with such witticisms and pearls of rethoric and reasoning as "you are too stupid to comprehend what you read", "you jackass" and "victims like you" before offering the implicit threat in your "tucked away safely behind some IP address."
I only wonder what exactly you would do if I wasn't "tucked away safely behind some IP address." Go ahead, burn a cross on my virtual lawn...
then run off into the woods with your white-supremacist militias to plot the overthrow of the federal government... rent a plane and find a fed building somewhere...
Or just take your ball, run home with all the points and sulk... I don't mind, I wasn't playing for points, anyway... besides, you get the points, I got your goat...

last word

last word! hahaha!

last word

last word! hahaha!


to how any of this hurts the Diamondbacks. Even if nobody enters the gate, because of revenue sharing, they won't be hurting. This is such a stupid argument it gives me a headache to read it.


"No One is Illegal: Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks" By Dave Zirin -- the title of this story is so wrong, IMO.... ILLEGAL means against the law, and if the immigration laws aren't followed, then, those who don't follow them ARE ILLEGALLY living here. How can you say otherwise? Furthermore, I have to wonder ... how does your title affect those who came to this country and followed the laws, and worked to become American citizens and legally contributing members of our society? It's like a slap in the face to all those LEGAL citizens of our country, IMO.


It is your lucky day. You no longer have to wonder how the immigrants that have legal status feel. I live in a community where there are plenty of them, and in the past lived in another such community. I have had plenty of cummunication with those immigrants. Mostly, they feel sadness and outrage at the abuse that the undocumented aliens are subjected to. The discrimination. The same discrimination that many of them are subjected too... except that the undocumented also feel the powerlessness of not being able to do anything about it, of not having a voice. So, now that you know, DO NOT use the "legal" aliens as an excuse, a tool to justify a racist, unjust law, a law that will be used to harass the legal aliens as well as the undocumentet ones, a law that will likely lead to an increase in racial profiling. If you are so concerned about the legal aliens, fight this law, because it will bring discrimination to them as well.

Completely Incorrect.

Read the goddamn bill before you try to have an opinion on it.

Read the damn bill.

Illegal criminals do not have constitutional rights

These are criminals. They have every opportunity to become a citizen. This is also a federal law and Arizona is upholding it and protecting themselves. Arizona is the "Backbone state" hopefully Texas follows suit. Read the bill and you will see. America is tired of Illegals comming to our country and taking advantage of our free services. NO MORE ILLEGALS and its obvious the majority of this country agrees


Please, try to keep your hate in check... and before you speak, please, please, get informed about that which you are talking about. Most undocumented immigrants are not criminals, even though you would prefer to see them that way. Most are hard workers who probably work much harder than you do to earn a fragment of what you would earn doing the same or equivalent work.
But even if they were criminals, they still would have constitutional rights. Yeah, eric... criminals do have constitutional rights. So, even if they were criminals, undocumented people living in the US still have constitutional guarantees... no matter how much you hate them. Isn't this country great? God bless America!!
By the way... they do not "have every opportunity to become a citizen". They do not even have the opportunity to get legal resident status (which should not be confused with citizenship). Also, according to most studies on the matter, they do not take advantage of free services as you claim... on the contrary, they are a boon to goverment, since they are taxed and mostly do not take advantage of services or even file for tax refunds. Seems that you should do some reading yourself...

No one is illegal?

Wow, what a great way to say,"I haven't earned it but I want to live in America! In fact crossing a border and taking something that doesn't belong to you is the most basic act of war. Racial? That is the arguement used when someone doesn't have a valid arguement. It comes down to this: if illegal immigration is not controlled, Americans will live no better than Mexicans! (Liberals, see Economics 101, just because you don't believe in it doesn't make it not fact) Since Mexico is obviously unable to govern itself, the future of United States will look like Mexico without enforcement of existing law. As for haters, lets have all the haters of the constitution deported to Mexico, regardless of nationality!

@Richard Eggleston

You know, the truly great thing about this country is that even a hateful ignoramus like yourself has freedom of expression and the right to express an opinion... even if that opinion is only good enough to cause groans in those exposed to it.

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