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Welcome to the Terrordome
Page 43; The June 25th 2007

"Author and former New York Times sports columnist Robert Lipsyte calls Dave Zirin 'the best young sportswriter in America' but readers don't turn to Zirin's column in SLAM Magazine and on for scores-and-sweat stories. Zirin is more concerned with sports place in the political and sociological arenas, and in 'Welcome to the Terrordome: The Pain, Politics and Promise of Sports,' he forcefully takes on what he calls "the athletic industrial complex." Able to rant without losing a sense of reason, Zirin laments the political apathy of today's star athletes, argues that our games are still gripped by racism, and makes a strong case that local governments court pro teams at the expense of the public they should be serving. Whether you agree with Zirin's politics or not, this is a provocative, sometimes chilling, look at sports and society right now."

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steroid hearings

I have been wondering what the fuss was about in the steroids controversy. Who really cares? And why aren't they pinning the tail on the owners' donkey? We know that the owners had to connive with and encourage the use of steroids. We also know why the congressmen won't involve the owners.

Your column helped put a lot of things in place, particularly where you point out the political connections. And you correctly point out that the Democratic congress, which was supposed to get to the bottom of the Bush administration's malfeasance, is using this nonsense to duck the real issues.

Thanks again for your significant contribution to the struggle for democracy and truth.

Dave Zirin

He is the best young sports writers we have going, fighting the hijackers of sport at all levels and the political jock sniffers who support them --see Palen hockey mom. Dave nailed it with her dropping of the puck.

so sure about it

Excellent time. And nice site. Keep up a good work! :-))

Alfonzo Santiago






"I'm Impressed With Mr David Zirin"

Man I've known David Zirin even before he became a sports writer and let me tell you he's made a great impact in the sports world and he's got a great career ahead of him. How do I know him? Well I was a student of his at Ross Elementary School in Washington, D.C and he was a great teacher with a Damn good sense of humor and I can see that he hasn't changed one bit he's still the same David Zirin I knew in my days as an elementary school kid. Great job man and I wish you the best with your career.



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I love this site!! x0000



all this spam

Yo Dave,

I read every column since I was given "What's my Name.." for my birthday a couple years ago. keep up the good work but get rid of all this spam in your comments ;)




Could you clone many more of you, heard you first as a speaker at a Socialist Conference and was transfixed by your great humor and analysis...few times caught you with Morning Joe, yuk, you were the highlight there....

Hope you are reaping some of what you should, we need many more like you in all spheres....

A big fan, can't wait to read one of your books, I will be asking my local library to get some if they don't already have some.

Best of life to you and keep on telling it like it is...and I almost hated sports till I heard you, now I am interested.....incredible research and writing and presentation of the game

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